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Employee gps tracking software PowerPoint Presentation
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Employee gps tracking software

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Employee gps tracking software - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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9am, employee gps tracking software which works like a platform and not like a wired connection. Managers can see the geographical location and position of employees on the platform.

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Employee gps tracking software

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    1. Businesses should change their mobile tracking technology with employee GPS tracking software The biggest challenge before companies working with large field staff is tracking the staff members. Managers sitting in office have to rely on mobile phones to track their employees. Mobile tracking helps but it consumes much time as managers have to make voice calls or text messages to know whether the employees are. But technology has always helped businesses in smooth functioning. Technology businesses can rely on for tracking employees is employee GPS tracking software. It works like a platform and not like a wired connection. Geographical location and position of employees can be seen on the platform it is real time tracking. With its help, managers don’t need wasting time and energy on voice calls and texting messages. Simply employee tracking isn’t the objective of the software and also the businesses won’t be interested in buying it for simply tracking. The software can do more than you can think of. It can help in communication and improving output and productivity in the long run. Let’s understand functionality of the software from an example “A manager gets an urgent job work from a client. He opens the software to see which of the employees is closest to the client. He finds one and sees the position of the employee. If the employee is free, the manager assigns the

    2. urgent work request to the employee and if the employee isn’t free, the manager locates the second nearest employee. The employee gets job details on the software. He sees client’s location on a map and notes other job details” The example shows that managers can easily and effectively communicate with employees. And there is no communication gap or hassle in assigning jobs to the employees. Switchover to the employee GPS tracking software can bring speed to the client service process. Another advantage of software is that it can make invoices. You only need entering your service charge and taxes you add to the service charge in the software. When a task is complete, the employee working on the task can prepare a bill for the task and present the bill to the client. The software can record payments and add overdue payments to the bills. The employees can also take advantage of the software. They can maintain their status on the software to communicate their real position to the managers. Employees can update their status as “at work” or “job complete” on the software. The status will work like an online timesheet. In this way, the software can make a timesheet management system in a hassle free manner. Another advantage of the software is that it allows employees to mark their attendance from field. It is freedom to go directly to work instead of rushing to office for attendance marking. Conclusion This technological advancement can bring many positive changes in the client servicing process. The timesheet management system will provide a greater hold over the employees as managers can see how much work an employee is doing and how much time in invested on a job.