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Where to Find House for Filming In Los Angeles PowerPoint Presentation
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Where to Find House for Filming In Los Angeles

Where to Find House for Filming In Los Angeles

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Where to Find House for Filming In Los Angeles

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  1. Where to Find House for Filming In Los Angeles 5401 Olympic Powered By:

  2. If you are starting out with your career as a location scout then surely the first question you would ask yourself is where to find a house for filming in Los Angeles.

  3. The answer is pretty simple: EVERYWHERE.

  4. Almost every part of the city is filled with great locations to use for your movies – especially houses. Whether it may be an apartment or a mansion, Los Angeles has the best residential house for you.

  5. To start off, here are three GREAT locations in Los Angeles to check out when it comes to houses for filming location. 1. Beverly Hills Beverly Hills has always been a favorite. If you are looking for a house that says “rich and famous” this place has it. You can drive in the area and spot a house you can use. Of course you need to ask the owner’s permission.

  6. 2. Miracle Mile offers a Miracle Mile property for your house location needs.

  7. Well, this place may be new to some ears (especially with all the attention Beverly Hills is getting), but this place is definitely a great visit. You can start with our website. We feature a Spanish style house that provides a simple yet elegant façade. You would surely love this place for your filming needs.

  8. 5401 Olympic Entrance: The gates are not the usual metal but wood providing a softer look and complementing touch to the wide front yard. One feature to look forward in this house is the wooden door.

  9. 5401 Olympic Living Room: What makes it elegant is the use of dark wood on the floor, doors, and ceiling which complemented well with the cream colored walls and white framed wide windows.

  10. 5401 Olympic Dining Room: Our wide and spacious dining room features clean walls which complements well with the wood paneled floors.

  11. 5401 Olympic Office, Library, Bar, Misc : Several common areas in the house will leave you impressed at how each detail was carefully made: from tiles to staircase, even the lighting.

  12. 3. Toluca Lake Toluca Lake is one of the best places where you can find fantastic homes.

  13. It offers spacious houses and gardens. Just remember to ask a permit if you are planning to film here

  14. Now, before you go filming the house of your choice, you need to also ask permission from the local government to film in a certain area. This will help you and your team have minimal disturbance during filming and even help maintain peace while you are on the location.

  15. After all, filming can even cause too much attention from people and can create disturbances especially to those living nearby. Neighbors Fans

  16. For availability, walkthroughs, and further location information about shooting at 5401 Olympic, you may contact us directly or send an email at Like, Share and Follow our Social Sites for more information about filming location.