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Proper Etiquette at the Location to Shoot Film PowerPoint Presentation
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Proper Etiquette at the Location to Shoot Film

Proper Etiquette at the Location to Shoot Film

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Proper Etiquette at the Location to Shoot Film

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  1. Proper Etiquette at the Location to Shoot Film

  2. In order to create a perfect movie, one must have the perfect actors, the best written script, a good director, and the best location to shoot film.

  3. Indeed, various factors do contribute the success or failure of a film. And all of these factors should work in harmony with one another. Now obviously, this is not an easy job to do hence extreme care should be carried out.

  4. On the other hand, it is important that you are aware about how to rightly behave in your search for the perfect location to shoot film.

  5. Apart from your responsibility of finding the right location is the need to ensure that you are rightly behaving so as to also preserve the right of the owner of such location.

  6. So here are some tips for you to get started: It is very important to consider that you are only there to rent out the place hence you need to behave accordingly.

  7. Treat it like how you would treat a house of an important person when you visit them. Make the owner feel that it is their privilege (and not burden) that their house or location was chosen as the place where you would shot the movie.

  8. In case you are shooting among private properties, it will help if you can encourage the owner to be physically present during the shoot, or at least have one or two of his representatives on the scene. Although this is not necessary but it will help to clear out any issues that might come up in the future. At least with the owner or the representative around, any question you might have in mind will be answered straight away.

  9. It is a wise move to take photos of the location before you begin to shoot.

  10. This way, you will be able to verify whether you are the right one responsible to any damage that may incur after the shoot. Be sure to take photos of the whole place, including minor items like vases, photo frames, etc.

  11. Do not let anyone smoke within the location. Even if you think the homeowners actually smoke inside the house, do not do the same. If one needs to smoke, then let him do it outside and be sure that he collects the butts on an ashtray.

  12. Never allow your crew to eat or drink anywhere on the location.

  13. Some house owners are very strict about the rule of eating or drinking at their place, so you might want to be on the safe side. In case you need to refuel then do it outside or on a location designated for eating and drinking.

  14. Behaving badly on the location to shoot film can spell big disaster. After all, you do not wish to deal with intrigues in the end. So it is a must that you let your staff do the proper etiquette when filming. Regardless whether you are on a five-star hotel or on a hut in a middle of nowhere, please behave accordingly.

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