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10 Best Movie Houses for Movie Locations in the World PowerPoint Presentation
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10 Best Movie Houses for Movie Locations in the World

10 Best Movie Houses for Movie Locations in the World

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10 Best Movie Houses for Movie Locations in the World

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  2. 10 Best Movie Houses for Movie Locations in the World Movie sets and locations top the most notable elements of a movie. Various estates and homes are often used for sets in the movie locations.

  3. Here are some of the best and most memorable houses in the world used for movie locations.

  4. The Hoke House – Twilight Movie Saga The fandom brought the novel turned into movie series into a worldwide blockbuster hit. Some of the Twilight fans wish they own the 5, 100 sq.ft house (alongside wishing to be Edward Cullen’s love interest).

  5. Rue des Trois Freres, Montmartre, Paris – Amelie Amelie's apartment, a humble haven for the shy, compassionate and beautiful Amelie , is now a known inspiration for interior design and style of apartment.

  6. Stark Home – Iron Man Film Series Located in La Jolla, San Diego, this memorable location was recently placed for sale. This stunner has 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and has private access to the beach. Top that fancy living.

  7. Sam Baldwin’s House Boat- Sleepless in Seattle Tom Hanks’ character Sam Baldwin’s large floating home in Seattle’s Lake Union is now considered a local tourist destination.

  8. The New 5401 Olympic Miracle Mile Home The house features a character that can be both for scary movies or some teeny bopper flick. It has a great two storey Spanish style façade with details of wood workand metal work that simple jives with the simplicity of the whole home.

  9. The Count of Monte Cristo Estate- • Count of Monte Cristo The Powers court Estate in County Wicklow, Ireland was used as Edmond Dantes aka The Count of Monte Cristo’s new home. Originally a 13th century castle, this 19 hectare stunner was also used as location for movies such as David Copperfield, Excalibur and others.

  10. McAllister Place- Home Alone The famous McAllister place is a three-story single-family house at 671 Lincoln Avenue in Winnetka, Illnois. We bet most kids wished they live in that huge home that served as Kevin’s playground whilst battling out the house robbers.

  11. Juhu Slums Humble Home – Slumdog Millionaire Depicting the reality of poor living in Mumbai, India, -Dev Patel’s character Jamal Malik lived in a small ragged home in the Juhu Slums. It is probably one of houses for movie locations in the list that has less desirable living condition.

  12. 4 Privet Drive, Home of the Dursleys – • Harry Potter Film Series This typical family home owned by Harry’s awful aunt, uncle and cousin, most infamously known as The Dursleys, is located in Picket Post Close, Berkshire, England. It is now considered a stopover for every visiting Harry Potter fan in England.

  13. The White House- White House Down / Olympus Has Fallen Topping our list is the most famous home of one of the most powerful leaders in the country. The plot of having the most heavily guarded place taken over by terrorists is just as memorable as The White House being blown up to pieces.

  14. Do you agree with our list of the best movie houses for movie Locations in the World? What is your favorite house used for a movie? Let us know! Check out our offer at

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