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3D Mirage - 3D Animation Consulting Company PowerPoint Presentation
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3D Mirage - 3D Animation Consulting Company

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3D Mirage - 3D Animation Consulting Company - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A leading New York based 3d animation consulting company creates content for film, video games, broadcast, architectural, medical and legal firms. Visit us at :

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3D Mirage - 3D Animation Consulting Company

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How 3DMirage is Different....

3DMIRAGE is a leading New York based 3D animation consulting & production company.

For over 10 years 3DMIRAGE has assisted in the successful completion of over 300 diverse projects

3DMIRAGE Creates content for Film, Broadcast, Video Games; Architectural, Medical & Legal firms: interactive content for the Web;

3DMIRAGE also provides specialized animation content for Auto Stereoscopic 3D Displays


How 3DMirage is Different....

We offer on-site or live on-line consulting services to assist companies to create the highest quality 3D animation work possible within the given deadlines and budget

Our core-team includes award winning Creative Directors and professional animators and modelers with many years of professional industry experience.

3DM has a very large pool of talent who can work on projects on a full-time, part-time or on a telecommute basis.


How 3DMirage is Different....

Our partner training division 3D Training Institute ( has trained over 1000 aspiring animators so far which provides us a large pool of skilled animation talent to assist with projects.

We also partner with large and small animation studios in the US and offshore to help you execute large and multiple projects in the most cost effective manner.

3DMIRAGE can assist you with executing the entire project or parts of the project faster without increasing your existing budget.


Our Clients…


Our Animation Projects


Our Animation Projects


Our Animation Projects


Our Animation Projects


Our Animation Projects


Contact US

Email -

call us at 1 (877) 3DMIRAGE.