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Do’s And Don’ts While Trekking PowerPoint Presentation
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Do’s And Don’ts While Trekking

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Do’s And Don’ts While Trekking - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Do’s And Don’ts While Trekking' - 365hops

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Do’s And Don’ts While Trekking

• Dial Us : 011-42156013 or +91-7838984471



Do’s And Don’ts While Trekking

Aron Lee Ralston, first person to climb ?Colorado’sFourteeners? (59

peaks over 14,000 feet) solo, had a near death experience when his right

arm got stuck against a boulder in Blue John Canyon. Unaware of his

hiking expedition, all his loved ones had no clue where he has gone. After

surviving 5 days and 7 hours, he finally had to cut his right arm in order to

come out of the Canyon.

Ring any bells? Yes, you are right. The Oscar winning movie 127 Hours is

based on this brave soul who did not give up and tried everything in

order to survive. But there are certain lessons we need to learn from him. , Dial Us : +91-7838984471


Do’s And Don’ts While Trekking

His foremost mistake was no cell phone with him leave alone emergency

contacts. His second mistake was no one knew where he was. My

beloved travellers out there, this accident did not stop him from

exploring the world so don’t think for a second I am trying to demotivate

you :) But safety comes first because there are so many mountains to

climb so one mountain no matter how great it is, is not worth dying for.

So a quick Do’s and Don’ts for you while going on a Trek solo :) , Dial Us : +91-7838984471


Do’s And Don’ts While Trekking


Study Your Location

Every location is unique and so are the rules while trekking on it. Study

the location you are planning to go. Carry a map with you all the time so

that you know exactly where you are so that you can find your way back.

Study the habitations in that area and how far it would from your place of

camping. , Dial Us : +91-7838984471


Do’s And Don’ts While Trekking

Medical Kit

Please don’t tell me you have ?Nothing ever happens to me.? attitude.

Because if you have, you are in a world of illusion. Always remember this

?“afetyDoesn’t happen by Accident.? You are the one responsible for

your safety and only you can make it happen. Stuff your bag with all the

necessary medicines and medical tools. We would have an entire blog on

this soon. , Dial Us : +91-7838984471


Do’s And Don’ts While Trekking

Emergency Contacts

I know! I know! You do not want to call anybody. You want to be with

yourself. But keeping the emergency contacts with you ?on’t increase

the burden on your shoulder. Remember ?Pre?ention is better than cure.?

This is just a precautionary step. We genuinely do not want to see you in

any trouble at all :P , Dial Us : +91-7838984471


Do’s And Don’ts While Trekking

Please Inform

?Lea?ing a simple note on your fridge.? Does that sound too taxing? I

don’t think so. If something unfortunate happens, your loved one’s will

find you. Ahhh! such a relaxing thought. Unless you are going on a suicide

mission, I don’t see any harm in doing this.

Plenty Of Essentials

Carry at least 3 litres of water and plenty of nutrition bars. They are light

and filling till the time you find any other source. Carry plenty of water

and also Water Purification Tablets as Water is what would keep you

going especially in a longer trek. , Dial Us : +91-7838984471


Do’s And Don’ts While Trekking


Don’t Severe Connections

You want to find solace in the lovely and beautiful mountains totally cut

off from the world. So you can always switch off your cell phone Right? In

case you get caught somewhere, you would be able to make a connection

with the world. As no matter what, there are people out there longing for

your good health every second of their life so do not disappoint them. , Dial Us : +91-7838984471


Do’s And Don’ts While Trekking


Don’t Leave Without Checking Twice

Your gear is the only friend, philosopher and guide during your trek. So

prepare a list and do not leave your home before checking twice that you

have all the essentials that you would be needing in your trek. Trust me,

Won’t take more than 5 minutes. , Dial Us : +91-7838984471


Do’s And Don’ts While Trekking

Don’t Hike Alone

Trekking alone is amazing but trekking with a partner is even better. It’s safe

and fun. Yayyyy. Try to go with the group especially on trail you have never


Don’t Ignore The Weather

You can’t afford to do that. In my recent blog on Camping tips I mentioned an

incident of Himachal Pradesh where two trekkers died when the tree fell on

them due to storm and rain. Read the weather forecasts of the place on your

stay dates. This would help you prepare in advance for any change of

weather. , Dial Us : +91-7838984471


Do’s And Don’ts While Trekking

Don’t Camp On A Risky Place

Before setting your camp, study the surroundings. Do not camp on a

risky place. You can read a full blog on this Things To Keep In Mind Before

Setting A Camp.

?It’s good to be lost in the Right Direction.?Don’t be afraid to get lost but

make sure you find your way back to the world that is full of your loved

ones. Explore the world. Fly like a bird but keep your feet on the ground.

After all a bird also comes back to its nest someday <3 , Dial Us : +91-7838984471