recycled plastics in beachwear fashion go green lady n.
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Buy Beach Gear Online - Green Clothing PowerPoint Presentation
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Buy Beach Gear Online - Green Clothing

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Buy Beach Gear Online - Green Clothing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Do you know the latest trend in beach fashion? The buzz is all about beachwear made with recycled plastics. Read this write up now to learn more about green clothing. Visit for more information.

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Buy Beach Gear Online - Green Clothing

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did you know around 60 million water bottles


Around 60 million water bottles are used daily in the US, which means approximately 18,834,000,000 are dumped in the landfills every year.

decades ago used plastic bottles were considered

Decades ago, used plastic bottles were considered a threat to the environment. But today, it is being used positively to manufacture garments. Choosing green clothing is a sign of being responsible and sensible towards the environment.

green clothing refers to fabrics that

Green clothing refers to fabrics that are obtained from materials such as,

  • Hemp
  • Bamboo or
  • Recycled plastic
how is it done the plastic bottles are collected


The plastic bottles are collected, compressed and packed into bales, and then shipped to the processing factory. Here the plastic bottles are crushed, melted and spun into viscose yarn that is used to weave fabrics and end up into a trendy piece of clothing.

benefits of green clothing minimize carbon


  • Minimize carbon emission
  • Reduction in the use of raw materials
  • Less energy utilization
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • The manufacturing process consumes 30% less energy than conventional garments
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