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Choosing a lock brand in cincinnati oh

How to Choose A Lock


There are many questions you have to answer before you buy

a lock. Do you need it for the door of a house or an apartment,

a store or an office building? Should you use a standard lock

or high security? What about key less systems? How many

people need copies of the keys? Your answers might point to

very different types of lock. To help you choose, here’s a

rundown of a few of the major lock and key manufacturers and

their products.

Choosing a lock brand in cincinnati oh

Standard Lock Brands

Kwikset is one of the most widespread brands of

standard locks and locksets. Founded in 1946, their

first locks pioneered the tubular lock design, now

commonly used for bicycle locks and coin-operated

machines. Kwikset products today are easy to find in

any hardware store. In 2013, they released a

Bluetooth-enabled “smart lock” called Kevo

Choosing a lock brand in cincinnati oh

High Security Lock Brands

Medeco:Medeco and Mul-T-Lock are the two high

security lock brands most used by locksmiths in

Cincinnati, and in the US overall. Medeco locks combine

off-center chisel-tipped pins inside the lock cylinder

with angled cuts on their keys to make a mechanism that

is nearly impossible to pick. (In 2007, however, a group

of researchers developed a method for “bumping” them

open with plastic keys.) They used patented key control

systems to prevent unauthorized duplicating. Medeco

has also worked on electronic locks since the 1990’s.

Choosing a lock brand in cincinnati oh

High Security Lock Brands

Mul-T-Lock:Mul-T-Lock, an Israeli company, pioneered the four-

way door lock system in 1973. They now provide high security

locks to 70 countries, for houses, apartments, businesses and

industrial buildings. They are active in innovating

electromechanical lock products and key-cutting machines with

specialized software, as well as producing high security locks,

industrial locks, access control systems and other equipment.

Choosing a lock brand in cincinnati oh

High Security Lock Brands

KabaIlco:This Swiss company is

one of the leading producers of

high-tech locks and access

systems, mostly for commercial

and industrial use. Founded in

1862, they are known for their high

security access systems, industrial

locks and commercial security

products. They also make

automotive security equipment and

a wide range of door hardware.

Choosing a lock brand in cincinnati oh

Which brand is best? It all

depends on what you’re looking

for. In any case, an expert

locksmith is the best person to

assess your security needs and

offer detailed advice. Call a

local locksmith today and

you’re bound to find the right

lock for your door.

Choosing a lock brand in cincinnati oh

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