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Birmingham Airport car parking PowerPoint Presentation
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Birmingham Airport car parking

Birmingham Airport car parking

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Birmingham Airport car parking

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  1. Is your Car Safe With An Airport Parking Service? When you are taking a flight, driving to and from the airport in your car is usually the most convenient and quick option. However, once you get to the airport you need to park your car for the duration of your trip. In addition to the cost of doing this, an important question is: “How safe is this airport car parking service?” This question is particularly relevant to the budget conscious who might choose not to park in the official on airport car park and instead head to an off airport car park.

  2. Finding a parking spot can be as simple as driving to the airport, entering one of its official car parks and leaving the car there. This is simple, but also the most expensive way to park. People who do this pay the 'gate price' and this is the most expensive price charged. A much better and cheaper way is to pre-book parking before heading to the airport. Big discounts on the gate price are almost always available, even for the same on airport car park. Pre-booking parking involves doing some research to compare the parking options available and the cost of each. Customers can use price comparison websites like to do this.

  3. Many customers pick the on airport car parks as these are often the most convenient. But they also tend to be more expensive than off airport car parks. Those looking for lower cost parking might consider off-site options, and this is where the question of safety should also be considered. Getting the cheapest space but coming home to a damaged car is not going to be the best option. On airport car parking services have entry barriers, 24 hour surveillance systems and regular patrols for their spaces, with the levels of security that you would expect for parking near an airport. But good off-site airport car parking services will have this level of security too, and can be as safe as parking at an airport. They will have guards, sensors, security cameras and regular security patrols that you will see at the airport.

  4. How do you know which off-site car parks are safe? Firstly before you book, look for information on the security measures in place at the car park. If they do not say guards, sensors, security cameras and regular security patrols assume they do not have them and think again. Secondly, the best off airport car parks will have the same accreditation as most on airport car parks - the police awarded 'Park Mark' certification. If an off-site car park has the Park Mark, you can be sure it has met high standards of security. Pre-booking, a little research to compare options and prices, and making sure the car park has great security - ideally the Park Mark - will ensure the best deal and a safe and secure spot for your car. Visit to book easy and affordable parking spots in major airports UK airports like Southampton, Prestwick, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Gatwick and Glasgow.

  5. Address -- 3 Thorndyke Court, Pinner, HA5 4JG And over the telephone: 0208 143 7207 Website:- Thank You