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Explore SlideServe, world's leading community for hosting and sharing PowerPoint presentations on the web. We make it easier to deliver your presentations everywhere online.

Don't want to start from the scratch on PowerPoint presentations? Then get started at Slideserve. Browse through our range of presentation topics or use the search feature to find your PPT, be it business presentations, academic seminars & projects, festive events, trending subjects or topics of your interest.

Our community is so huge that we have different PPTs of similar topics. Go through the free transcript of the entire PPT and make sure you have got the right content of the topic. Download the one as you see fit. No registration required!


Slideserve is the best solution to gain more exposure of PowerPoint presentations online. Share presentations to the right audience by embedding them to blogs, wikis or your target websites. Email slideshows to your friends, clients and targeted audience through our free platform. You can also create channels to show up your work.

Need only your audience to see or share powerpoint presentations online? Join our community and help your students, clients or colleagues collaborate remotely with your work. You can share presentations privately or publicly so that only those you choose can view your PPT.

Earn social love! Join Slideserve and ensure greater availability & exposure of presentations online through major social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and more.

Join Slideserve and get more exposure of your presentations online.

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