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Same-sex marriage legalized in US
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Magic Mike XXL premiere
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Funeral for Charleston pastor
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Ich bin the Queen
by gayekammerer | #478 views
The Stonewall Inn
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International Yoga Day
by trishna | #768 views
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MuchMusic Video Awards
by samivery | #516 views
California Wildfire
by madonnahass | #629 views
Shooting at Charleston church
by aronleonardi | #929 views

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Rain Photography
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Dogs of Protest
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Creative and Brilliant Advertisements
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Saudi Suicide Bombing
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Vive la France
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Toilet paper Brides
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France's Vanishing Beaches
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Easter Egg Roll
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Dog meat Festival in China
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Scenes from Glastonbury
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Destination North Korea
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Reliving Napoleon's Last victory
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Night of San Juan
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Pakistan Heat wave kills Hundreds
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Pope Francis' Nun Fan Club
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What we do for Beauty
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