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Shooting at Planned Parenthood
by lafayetteskelly | #1476 views
Burkina Faso votes
by blaxton | #1679 views
Global climate rallies
by linwood | #945 views
Pope visits Africa
by charliegarland | #1899 views
Black Friday madness
by esmond | #1114 views
Team Trump
by axton | #1378 views
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Protests in Chicago
by ikey | #1602 views
Thanksgiving travel on alert
by reillygraves | #1667 views
Belgium on high alert
by merrillebeau | #1475 views

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Miss World Canada denied entry to China
by dennison | #925 views
Cuban migrants left in limbo
by thaddeaus | #702 views
Iran in aerospace
by nerozukowsk | #614 views
10 Stunning CV Templates
by adelphos | #1112 views
Holocaust survivors beauty pageant
by deniz | #515 views
Syria's children: Caught in the crossfire
by marcosmorei | #672 views
Down river from Brazil dam flood
by alphonso | #388 views
Winter is coming
by ernesternes | #944 views
Faces of Islamic State
by ashlin | #358 views
Sexiest men alive
by archerbuffo | #562 views
Wall Art
by samivery | #675 views
by whitfieldla | #431 views
Ben Carson country
by joyklein | #931 views
Welcome to Tibet
by sergeant | #412 views
Russia's bombing campaign in Syria
by fulbrightpe | #1025 views
Tasmanian devils come home
by georginasal | #707 views

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