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Objectives and deliverables - brain storming -

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Objectives and deliverables - brain storming - - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Objectives and deliverables - brain storming -. K. Ueno (Univ. Tsukuba, JAPAN). Growing up with the CEOP ?. CEOP-1: Making structure, grouping, define data formatting, pilot studies (2 years) GEWEX/GHP >> CEOP as a project of projects

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growing up with the ceop
Growing up with the CEOP ?
  • CEOP-1: Making structure, grouping, define data formatting, pilot studies (2 years)

GEWEX/GHP >> CEOP as a project of projects

  • CEOP-2: Expanding reference sites, new science panels, , , (4 years)

(Bali meeting provided “Framework” without sciences ? Function of CEOP for coordinating projects ? Can we drive a real science in the huge project ?)

Becoming bigger >> difficult to follow the concept,,

remember basics of the ceop
Remember Basics of the CEOP

Structure: Archiving in-situ, satellite and model output over super sites

Expected results: Verification of satellite/model estimates and improving algorisms, mutual understanding of continental scale E/W cycle process, Science infrastructure for GEOS

Participation: Any continental scale experiments (projects) by their own efforts that feel advantage for their activity

Obligation: Open data policy

remember benefit in the ce o p2 based on observed facts
Remember Benefit in the CEOP2- based on observed facts -
  • Comparison studies with MOLS and satellite data over super sites
  • International cross cutting studies
  • Strong backup by the data center
  • Heritage of sciences by RHPs and related projects in CEOP1
  • World-wide vision under GEWEX
uniqueness of the ceop he to be done in the gewex ceop
Uniqueness of the CEOP-HE to be done in the GEWEX/CEOP
  • Earth observation in the remote area: satellite measurements
  • Water resources management at watershed: cross border network of observations
  • Glaciers/permafrost in the mountains: global changes/warming
  • Mountain environment: monitoring local/global background
  • Processes of water vapor and aerosols
common issues problems to be solved for the mountain research
Common issues/problems to be solved for the mountain research
  • Observation and data transfer technique
  • Numerical modeling in the complex topography
  • Sharing information regarding to global environment changes
  • Process to be revealed >> science plan

My concerns for establishing CEOP-HE(CEOP2-SIP: An additional number of CEOP Regional Studies (RS) have been established that involve fewer numbers of investigators but which have the potential capability to bring together interested researchers in many RHPs and other parts of GEWEX interested in common regional problems associated with Cold Regions, High Elevations, Monsoons, and Semi-Arid Regions.)

  • How the relations between CEOP-HE and existing projects ? Shall we coordinate the project ? What are advantages ? We need to consider mutual benefits/logic to join CEOP-HE.
  • CEOP2 have already started with fixed reference site points. But, HE sites are not many at present. We need to think about the strategy to expand CEOP-HE community with future CEOP timeline.
two focuses in this ws
Two focuses in this WS

1, Action plans within the present CEOP2 framework with specific sciences, such as monsoon, aerosol, etc., and expecting results based on existing reference sites

2, Proposal for GEWEX about the potentials of scientific issues by means of increase reference sites, with world-wide scopes of mountain research

how to proceed this meeting
How to proceed this meeting ?

1st day

  • Presentation based on individual interests (express own vision)
  • Brain storming for the scientific contribution of CEOP, modification of CEOP2 draft.

2nd day

  • Define objectives/function of the CEOP-HE in the CEOP. (modification of implementation template)
  • Planning next action
implementation template the main purposes of this working group by dr tartari
“Implementation template”, The main purposes of this working group by Dr. Tartari>
  • 1. Establish a coordinated activity > OK, how ?
  • 2. Contribute to the understanding : OK > Regular Science WS
  • 3. Build synergies > OK by individual efforts ?
  • 4. Provide QA/QC protocols > OK, data management issue ?
  • 5. Create an electronic archive > by individual project ?
  • 6. Improve the forecast capabilities > efforts by operational institute ?