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NovelSee. Eric Minner & James Pittman. Outline. Project Statement / Motivation Concept overview Quick computer vision overview Demo Lessons Learned Future Work. Project Description.

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Eric Minner & James Pittman



  • Project Statement / Motivation

  • Concept overview

  • Quick computer vision overview

  • Demo

  • Lessons Learned

  • Future Work

Project description

Project Description

  • Participatory sensing often relies on receiving a great number of varied inputs to provide a useful service.

  • The goal of the project is to design a system concept that will find novel images in the world.

  • This system needs to have a way to help encourage a stream of interesting and novel shots.

Concept overview

Concept Overview

  • Leverage existing mobile phone capture and image transfer protocols to allow users to submit images.

  • Setup a backend server using apache, and a website to host “novel photo of the day”

  • Use a computer vision algorithm to parse the submitted images and create a ranking scheme to encourage further participation for users to submit images

Concept diagram

Concept Diagram


Backend PC

Mobile Phone or Emulator

Apache Server



Email Retrieval Application


Camera capture w/EMAIL or other

image transfer protocol



Backend Java Application

for image processing

and ranking

HTML & PHP source for

“picture of the day” website

Image Metric Files

Image flow

Image Flow

Wait for Image

Image Received from Email

Java App detects new Image

Extract Image Features

Compare against database


Update Database Hierarchy

Update database IMFs

Accumulate Similarity measure

Has the novel image changed?

Generate new image IMF

Update Webpage


Add to database



Lessons learned

Lessons Learned

  • Choosing non subjective features for images is very hard. When you automatically rank images based on a feature type you won’t always get the result that visually you think you should

  • Large images (1MB or larger) take forever to send to the server. We need something to handle memory size scaling (the iPhone has this built in, but not all devices do)

  • Resolution scaling (for proper display on the site) was an issue and currently we just force all the images to the same size

Future work

Future Work

  • Integrate the image capture and submission into a mobile phone application

  • Improve image scoring / feedback process to users by having the system return a ranking directly to the user either via email/SMS or as part of the application

  • Adapt system to work with other types of participatory sensing (such as: fuel prices or carbon footprint tracking)

  • Image scaling / compression when received by email

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