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Who is iCIMS? PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Who is iCIMS?. Largest privately-held, organic Talent Acquisition Software provider . Support 800+ small, medium & large customers worldwide. iCIMS’ core differentiators : Industry-Recognized Support. Enterprise service for ALL customers.

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Who is iCIMS?

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Who is iCIMS?

  • Largest privately-held, organic Talent Acquisition Software provider.

  • Support 800+ small, medium & large customers worldwide.

  • iCIMS’ core differentiators:

    • Industry-Recognized Support. Enterprise service for ALL customers.

    • Configurability of ONEplatform (no modules, customizations or stand-alone technologies)

      • Automates end-to-end talent management processes

The 8 biggest hiring mistakes for 2010 l.jpg

The 8 Biggest Hiring Mistakes for 2010

Presented to the iCIMS community by:

Tina Hamilton- President/CEO

hireVision Group, Inc.

Who we are l.jpg

Who we are…..

  • Since 2002

  • Located in Allentown, Pennsylvania

  • Provider of partnership HR services to companies through out North America

  • Not a consultancy, all employees are W2

  • All employees HR Degreed or Certified- not a call center!

  • Serving clients remotely nationwide and locally on-site and off in PA, NJ & NY

Hirevision group inc l.jpg

hireVision Group, Inc.


  • Hiring Management – customized phone interviewing services provided by HR professionals (powered by icims!)

  • HR DirectLink- Partnership HR services offering supplemental HR & for smaller companies- full service HR support

  • MYLINK- Employee Hotline Service

Welcome to the new hiring normal l.jpg

Welcome to the new hiring “normal”

  • Our past hiring techniques

  • Current environment requires us to be on high alert

  • Unemployed have been in this state for 12 -18 months in some cases

1 know your applicants l.jpg

#1 –Know your applicants

Four categories of applicants:

  • Strongest contenders

  • Solid, reliable middle group

  • Do not considers

  • “Fighting for my life group”

Warning signs for applicants with 3 or more of the following l.jpg

Warning signs for applicants with 3 or more of the following:

  • Tricks- applies with alias email addresses or abbreviated names

  • Have had many interviews, no offers

  • References do not include any past supervisors

  • Hide their true job titles

  • Hide dates of employment

  • They will call their termination a lay-off (may have been told this)

  • They were the only one laid off at their company or department

  • Say everything you want to hear, but it does not align with their background or attitude

  • Way over qualified but really “want” to work for so much less

  • Worked at one employer for a long period of time and have not found employment in the last few years

  • Present strategies to convince you that they are adaptable to a job they have never held

  • Use the word “desperate” at any point

2 reference checking l.jpg

#2- Reference Checking

  • Must include past supervisors or managers

  • Understand the work environment you are contacting. Compare what is acceptable and not acceptable.

  • UC rates are hitting the roof. Past employers feedback could be affected

3 emotional hiring decisions l.jpg

#3-Emotional Hiring Decisions

  • Compatibility can cloud decisions

  • Unconscious decisions

  • A ghost from your past


  • Solid job description

  • Deal breakers

  • Assure you are not defending your decisions

4 strategic job descriptions l.jpg

#4- Strategic Job Descriptions

Your company has a vision and that vision requires employees to make it happen.

4 strategic job descriptions continued l.jpg

#4- Strategic Job Descriptions- continued

Employees need direction and clarity to make your vision happen.

Set up your employees for success! Update descriptions on a regular basis.

5 deal breakers l.jpg

#5- Deal Breakers

To best avoid hiring mistakes and emotional hiring decisions

  • 2-4 deal breakers max

  • Include: Knowledge, skills, experiences, attitude

  • Realistic

  • Willing to walk away, no matter what, if the candidate does not meet

  • Skills that are not easily trainable

6 unrealistic expectations l.jpg

#6- Unrealistic Expectations

If time is elapsing you may need to re-think.

  • Is this time lapse costing us increased revenues

  • Take a deep breathe and re-think- “for” vs. “against” training someone with the right attitude & ability to learn your needed skill

7 undertrained hiring managers l.jpg

#7- Undertrained hiring managers

Playing with tens of thousands of dollars when one doesn’t really know what they are doing……NOT A GREAT IDEA!

1. Train your hiring managers

2. Outsource

3. See #1 or #2

8 listen to your gut l.jpg

#8- Listen to your Gut

  • Your gut is a valuable source of knowledge consisting of all of your years of experiences

  • An internal warning system for something you cannot see yet

  • Trust your instincts & perform due diligence no matter what

  • Determine your source for concern

  • Eliminate having to silently curse the fact that you didn’t listen to your internal intelligence

Those are the 8 biggest hiring mistakes of 2010 l.jpg

Those are the 8 biggest hiring mistakes of 2010!

Thank you for


Tina Hamilton, PHR

hireVision Group, Inc.

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Tina Hamilton

Q & A

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