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Using Twitter. Be mature about it. Pick a user name Don’t be silly Consider using your real name Don’t tweet anything you wouldn’t say to your mother or your boss

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Be mature about it
Be mature about it

  • Pick a user name

    • Don’t be silly

    • Consider using your real name

  • Don’t tweet anything you wouldn’t say to your mother or your boss

  • Use a real picture of yourself, and not one of you with a keg in it. You can be casual but don’t be “Joe College Student” on Twitter

  • Use a real location

    • Don’t be cute

  • Write a real bio

    • Tell people you are a college student

    • Specify the university. Not MSU – that can mean Montana State University, Minnesota State University, etc. Say Michigan State University

    • Tell your major

    • You can talk about yourself, but stay away from religion and politics

Uses for twitter
Uses for Twitter

  • Share links to items of interest to your network

  • Re-distribute content from blog, web site

  • Get Feedback

  • Read News

  • Event Updates

  • Provide Live coverage

  • Crowd-source questions and answers

  • Promote specific content

Don ts

  • Do not link to your Facebook profile unless there is NOTHING on it you wouldn’t show to your boss, grandparents or instructors

  • Don’t protect your updates. If you want to be private, stay off Twitter

Follow and be followed
Follow and be followed

  • Look for professionals in your field

  • Look for professors in your field; they are likely to tweet things relevant to college students

  • Look at who the good twitter users follow. Then follow the good ones.

  • Add a few media outlets

The basics
The basics

  • Update: Your tweet to the your Twitter universe

  • Reply: To reply to something someone tweets, click the curvy “reply” arrow. It will start your tweet with the @ symbol and that person’s user name

  • Retweet: Copy someone else’s tweet (or hit the retweet button) and add RT to the front with an @before their name.

  • Direct Message: Private messages between you and someone else who is following you

Using lists
Using Lists

  • Organize the people you follow

  • The “groups” feature for Twitter

  • Creating a list

    • Click on new list link

    • Name the list: The name is also used for your list’s URL, which will be “”

    • Make it public or private

      • Public mans anyone can see it, anyone can follow

      • Private: Only you can see the list. Not even those on the list can see it

    • Add a description to the list

  • Each list is currently limited to 500 people

  • Users may create a maximum of 20 lists

  • Add users to your lists by going to their profile page, or from a following page

  • Manage your lists in the right-hand navigation of Twitter

The hash tag
The # (Hash tag)

  • Keep track of multi-party conversations or posts from an event

  • You can search for all posts from that event or conversation using that #, like #

Twitter tools
Twitter tools

  • Tweetdeck

    • Good way to organize your tweets and send them

    • Allows you to send to Facebook at the same time

    • Can have more than one twitter account

  • Tweetmeme

    • Hottest links on Twitter at

  • Bingtweets: Trending topics on Twitter

Twitter sites for journalists
Twitter sites for journalists

  • Muck Rack: Follow journalists on Twitter

  • 15 Social Media Twitter lists from Mashable

  • 10 journalists you should follow on Twitter

More twitter resources
More Twitter resources

  • Top 7 mistakes new Twitter users make

  • Trendistic: Graphing trends in twitter

  • Twitter search

  • 15 Twitter directories compared on


  • Tweets, like blog posts and comments, are indexed on search engines. So, don’t send any Twitter messages that you wouldn’t want your mother, your employer, or your who-knows-who to read either now or in the future.

    Once online, always online.