interactive technology mediated group decision negotiation and emotion
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Interactive Technology-Mediated Group Decision, Negotiation and Emotion

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Interactive Technology-Mediated Group Decision, Negotiation and Emotion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Interactive Technology-Mediated Group Decision, Negotiation and Emotion. Bilyana Martinovski Webbkonferens, GU 2009. Observation.

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interactive technology mediated group decision negotiation and emotion

Interactive Technology-Mediated Group Decision, Negotiation and Emotion

Bilyana Martinovski

Webbkonferens, GU 2009


‘In the process of creating the virtual community and the virtual inhabitants, it became evident that all human cognitive activities and processes are heavily dependent of what we colloquially call emotions.’ Hudlicka, 2003


How is the relation between emotion, group decision, negotiation, and interactive technology studied by contemporary IT research?

more questions
More Questions
  • Is it possible to negotiate and take decisions without emotion?
  • How do emotions affect conflict as a decision making process?
  • How do theories of emotion relate to empirical observations of negotiation?
  • How is cognitive load related to emotions in collaboration design?
  • How does language affect emotion and outcome of negotiation?
more questions1
More Questions
  • What emotions are characteristic of success or failure in negotiation?
  • Can tracing of emotions in negotiation predict the outcomes?
  • How are emotions related to ethics of negotiation and communication?
  • How can interactive technology contribute to the modeling of cognition in negotiation?
  • What methodology is suitable for the study of emotion in negotiation?
group decision and negotiation gdn
Group Decision and Negotiation GDN
  • Business negotiation
  • Conflict solving
  • Bargaining
  • Task management meetings
  • Discussions
interactive technology it
Interactive Technology IT
  • Online business negotiation support software
  • Group decision support
  • Legal decision support
  • Conflict resolution negotiation
Interaction goals: Emotional Attack of ProsecutorTransaction goals: Determining Crime/Character00:05:47

Prosecutor: He has ub a: one prior. (0.3) conviction in this jurisdiction with thee uhm (0.8) sheriff\'s office, of of interestinly enough. u:v striking a public officer and of disturbing peace.

Defense: Will you knock it off. ((disgusted tone)) (0.5) You wanna make a federal case out of this¿

Prosecutor:N:o, [I I just] think [that that i]t\'s it\'s not uh this uh=

Defense: [ ˙h h h ] [ h h m ]

Prosecutor: =happy go lucky chap\'s uh first (1.0) encounter with uh um (1.8)


Help patients










Not move


Move safely


Move close


Safe place


Doctor’s Plan

captain s plan
Captain’s Plan

Succeed: win war


Move clinic


Win doctor


Help patients


Move to base


Move downtown


Threaten doctor


Offer provisions


emotion steer decisions
Emotion Steer Decisions
  • Some emotions stimulate negotiation e.g.


  • Others - suffocate negotiation e.g. disgust

All emotions open a door to uncertainty in relations and negotiation.


The indefinability and uncertainty elements in real life or in online negotiations may stimulate or suffocate the negotiation but they provide an opportunity for the ethical, for a reexamination of values and goals in the relation between the Self and the Other.

methods it gdn and emotion
Methods IT, GDN and Emotion
  • Cognitive modeling
  • Discourse analysis
  • AI testing
  • Content analysis
  • Subsequent multidimensional scaling
  • Impression rating
  • Graph modeling for conflict resolution
dyadic e negotiation
Dyadic e-negotiation

Hines, Murphy, Weber and Kersten, 2009

assent-orientedwording of relations and actions, such as inclusive we-expressions and linguistic formulations of positive emotions, can be used to predict successful negotiations, which seem to be more economical in time and cognitive effort than failed e-negotiations.

greissmair and koeszegi 2009
Greissmair and Koeszegi 2009
  • Factual statements (i.e. not only explicit emotional utterance) do convey emotion and that the wording of factual statements can create differentiation in emotional connotation.
  • Emotions evolve differently in successful and failed negotiations.
  • Ex. underlining cooperation despite conflict of interests brings about positive emotions, which then influence success of negotiation.
greissmair and koeszegi 20091
Greissmair and Koeszegi, 2009

Cognitive and emotional processing go parallel in web discourse, which contradicts the more common view that emotional content is delayed when task-related information has to be conveyed.

words matter
Words Matter

Mizukami et al., 2009

  • bad discussions characterized by lack of empathy
  • choice of object of counter-arguments and treatment of minority opinions during a discussion influence the distinction between reasonable and unreasonable disagreement
  • communication checklist of a good discussion
    • activeness of the floor
    • multi-direction and unification of discussion
    • relationship and sincerity of participants
    • development and sophistication of discussion.
management and representation of emotion in conflict
Management and Representation of Emotion in Conflict

Obeidi, Kilgour and Hipel , 2009

  • international negotiation
  • fear and anger play a strong role in conflicts, where parties build wrong models of each other’s mental and emotional states
  • Graph Model technique for representation of decision making by adding a module of awareness tracking for each decision maker and thus integrate the idea of subjective perception
operationalization of emotion based model of argumentation
Operationalization of Emotion- Based Model of Argumentation

Martinovski and Mao, 2009

  • Theory-of-Mind aspects of the decision makers’ mental models of each other
  • Theoretical model with an analysis of empathy in interaction