Words of negation
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Words of Negation. HOW TO EXPRESS SOMETHING NEGATIVELY. Some negative words are:. NUNCA never NADIE no one NO no, not NADA nothing. Some rules to remember…. NUNCA goes before the conjugated verb

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Words of negation

Words of Negation


Some negative words are
Some negative words are:

NUNCA never

NADIE no one

NO no, not

NADA nothing

Some rules to remember
Some rules to remember…

  • NUNCA goes before the conjugated verb

  • You will many times use “no/nunca” or “no/nada” together in a sentence. If you do…be sure to put the “no” before the verb and the “nunca/nada” after the verb.

  • NADIE is a singular “noun” so the verb will always be 3rd person singular (like él/ella/usted).

I never study on fridays yo nunca estudio en los viernes
I never study on Fridays.Yonuncaestudio en los viernes.

I never want to dance no quiero bailar nunca
I never want to dance.No quierobailarnunca.

I don t want to do nothing no quiero hacer nada
I don’t want to do nothing.No quierohacer nada.

No one is here nadie est aqu
No one is here.Nadieestáaquí.