How do i protect my car from this
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How Do I Protect My Car From This? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How Do I Protect My Car From This?. Will Liability Insurance Help Me Do This ?. Auto Insurance: What’s T he Difference?. Liability Insurance :

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Will Liability Insurance Help Me Do This?

Auto Insurance: What’s The Difference?

Liability Insurance:

The most important auto insurance coverage to understand is standard coverage. Standard coverage includes liability insurance, which is the type of insurance most often required by states. Liability insurance insures the individual for the the cost of any damage or injury that is caused to someone else during an accident. The amount of insurance coverage required by states is often minimal, so it is often recommended to get additional insurance, depending upon your own personal circumstances and budget.

Auto Insurance: What’s The Difference?

Collision Insurance:

Pays for damage to the insured automobile when it is involved in a collision.

Would this type of insurance pay for what happened to “Christine” in the earlier clip?

This is more expensive than basic liability insurance

Auto Insurance: What’s The Difference?

Comprehensive Insurance:

Covers damage to the insured automobile resulting from causes other than collision

Examples: Theft, weather, falling objects, etc. (what happened to “Christine” in the earlier clip)

This is the most expensive insurance option of the three

What does liability coverage cost? How can I tell what/how much is covered?

Liability insurance is often described by three numbers, such as 50/100/25. These numbers refer to the amount of liability insurance coverage. 50/100/25 coverage, includes $50,000 of bodily injury to a single individual, $100,000 of bodily injury caused to everyone in an accident, and $25,000 of property damage.

Who Pays The Costs if they’re higher than the covered amounts?

Liability Insurance: Practice Scenarios

  • Work on the scenarios with a partner

  • We will review each case as a class.

  • You may use a calculator if necessary