From the french revolution to the latin american revolutions
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From the French Revolution to the Latin American Revolutions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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From the French Revolution to the Latin American Revolutions. 1791-1822. 1815 Battle of Waterloo. Napoleon Forces Defeated ended French Revolution Napoleon Exiled to Island of St. Helena Monarchy restored in France/ King Louis XVIII. Congress of Vienna.

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1815 battle of waterloo
1815 Battle of Waterloo

  • Napoleon Forces Defeated ended French Revolution

  • Napoleon Exiled to Island of St. Helena

  • Monarchy restored in France/ King Louis XVIII

Congress of vienna
Congress of Vienna

  • European Powers meet to restore peace to Europe after war

  • Conservatives triumph/ Monarchies restored

  • Concert of Europe – Coalition of European powers to keep peace and solve conflicts

  • Unable to stop spread of Liberalism and Nationalism

Enlightenment ideas spread to latin america
Enlightenment Ideas spread to Latin America

  • 300 years of rigid social structure in Latin America caused discontent and resentment

A the marketplace of tlatelolco by diego rivera 1945
A: The Marketplace of Tlatelolco by Diego Rivera1945


  • Mural shows life in Aztec times

  • Idealized Market at Tlatelolco under Aztec rule

B the conquest by jos orozco 1939
B:The Conquest by José Orozco, 1939


  • Spanish conqueror Hernán Cortés arrived in Tenochtitlan, Mexico

in 1519

C the absorption of the indian by jose orozco 1927
C: The Absorption of the Indian by Jose Orozco, 1927


  • Symbolizing the mythical first coupling of Spanish man and Indian woman

  • HernánCortéz and Malinche/Dona Marina

  • Creating the Mestizo

Colonial domination d by diego rivera 1933
Colonial Domination D : by Diego Rivera1933


  • 300 years of mistreatment by the

    Colonizing Spanish

Enlightenment inspires latin americans
Enlightenment Inspires Latin Americans

  • Nationalism leads to resentment of French Ruler in Spain

  • Simón Bolivar inspired by French Revolutionaries

Slave win freedom in haiti
Slave Win Freedom in Haiti

  • Island slaves revoled in 1791

  • Toussaint L’Ouverture

    Educated slave/ lead revolt

  • French unable to stop revolt

  • 1820 Haiti became an independent republic

Mexico and central america revolt
Mexico and Central America Revolt

  • Slave revolts inspired creoles to revolt

  • Sept. 15, 1810 Father Miguel Hidalgo encouraged Mexicans to fight for Freedom from Spanish rule.

  • “The Grito” / The Cry

E the fight for liberty by jos orozco 1939
E: The Fight for Liberty by José Orozco, 1939

  • Father Hidalgo Leading a revolt 1810

Father jos morelos
Father José Morelos

  • Mestizo Priest

  • Continued the call for Revolution

  • Wanted Politcal and social reform

  • 1820 Liberals forced king in Spain to adopt a constitution

  • Creoles, Mestizos, Indians banned together

  • Mexico gained independence 1820.

  • Central America split into separate states

Revolution ignites south america
Revolution Ignites South America

  • Creoles admired French and American Revolutions

  • 1810 Simón Bolivar lead uprising in Venezuela

  • Known as “The Liberator”

  • Joined forces with Jose de San Martin

  • By 1822, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia,

    And Chile gained independence from Spain

Freedom leads to power struggle
Freedom leads to Power Struggle

  • Bolivar wanted to unite lands he liberated into a single nation called Grand Columbia

  • Bitter rivals developed

  • Split into 4 independent states

  • Power struggles and Civil War

  • Common people exchanged one set of masters for another


  • Years of mistreatment by Caudillos

  • Military dictators