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Price of Being a Breeder Organization. Hamdi Çiftçiler MAY Seed / Deputy Chairman of Board of Management. As MAY Seed we have been investing in plant breeding since 1996. As of 2013 we have 31 permanent personnel in our R&D Department .

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Price of Being a BreederOrganization

Hamdi Çiftçiler

MAY Seed / Deputy Chairman of Board of Management

As MAY Seedwehave

beeninvesting in plant

breeding since 1996

As of 2013 wehave31

permanentpersonnel in

our R&D Department.




4 of themhavegotdoctoratedegree,

5 of themgotgraduatedegree,

15 of themundergraduatedegree

and as of year 2013 we spend about 6 million TL for “Conventional and Molecular Breeding”.

In “Conventional and Molecular Breeding”.the EU, Balkans, BlackSea, Middle East, CentralAsiaandAfricanCountrieswhichwehaveidentified as targetgeography, wehavemorethan 160 varietiesregistered

and/or taken under protection or within continuing

the process

We “Conventional and Molecular Breeding”. pay specialattentiontoourbreederstowork

within a systemandpropertyconcept of innovations



We are “Conventional and Molecular Breeding”.grateful to the supports like TÜBİTAK, R&D tax exemptions provided by our state for the activities of R&D/BREEDING centered in our country

We “Conventional and Molecular Breeding”.requestthatthesesupportsaredevelopedas to be moreprivilegedandincludethegrantthrougheffectiveinspection of realbreedingorganizations

We “Conventional and Molecular Breeding”.wouldliketoemphasizeoncemoretheimportance of interpretingprivatedomesticbreedingorganizations as a subunit of TAGEM andplacingthem in a privilegedposition.

Breeding “Conventional and Molecular Breeding”. is independence

But in meanwhile it is a costlyprocesswhichrequiressignificantfinancialresourceandcommittment.

Under “Conventional and Molecular Breeding”.today’s global competitionconditions it is veryimportanttoestablish a sustainableinstitutionalstructure.

CURRENT “Conventional and Molecular Breeding”.Legislation

(UPOV 1991)


We “Conventional and Molecular Breeding”.arefollowingwithsensitivitytheissue of obeyingtoallexemptionsandconditions in UPOV 1991 conventiontowhichourcountry is also a party.

  • In “Conventional and Molecular Breeding”.relationtothiswe pay specialattentiontothefollowing;

  • To be an establishmentwhichunconditionallyrespectstonationalandinternationalagreementssignedmutuallyincludingallkinds of industrialpropertyapproaches,

  • Toenable transfer of allkinds of materialmutuallyonlythroughMTAsandeffectivelyfollowingtheprocessupandreportingthem

  • Exchanging “Conventional and Molecular Breeding”. of resultsaccuratelyandtimely,

  • Issuesto be considered in registration,

  • Definingthewayforourbreederstobenefitfromresearchactivitiesconductedwithinourcompanyandensuretheircontinousdevelopment

Additionally “Conventional and Molecular Breeding”.;

Wecloselyfollowdiscussions of ISF on “Idea of IndustrialProperty”, evaluations of industrialproperty /patent persistingwithinthescope of “SeedTechnology in theWorld” anddebates on thisissuebetweenEuropeandthe USA andweperformdetailedstudies on appropriatepositioninganddevelopingpolicies in linewithourinterests.

Importance “Conventional and Molecular Breeding”. of IndustrialProperty in terms of CompanyValue

  • Protection “Conventional and Molecular Breeding”.andregistering of emerginglinesandhybrids in themostaccurateway in domestic/foreignmarketswhichwesee as a target market,

  • Touchinguponourindustrialpropertyrightsandsecuringthem in alltypes of agreements of transfer of licenses, varities, etc. made in the country and abroad

  • Interpreting “Conventional and Molecular Breeding”.commonvarietydevelopmentactivities in thecountryand in abroadalsowithinthescope of industrialpropertyconcept,

  • In order to have our advantages sustainable in terms of our specific and strong characteristics we specially care for the issues regarding industrial property rights to be fulfilled.

Hamdi Çiftçiler “Conventional and Molecular Breeding”.

MAY Seed/ DeputyChairman of Board of Management