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School library versus public library
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School Library Versus Public Library. Subject: English. Grade Level: 7 th Duration: 45 minutes. Description. Students will compare and contrast their school library versus the public school library. Goals. Students will gain a better understanding of the services each library has to offer.

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School Library Versus Public Library

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School library versus public library

School Library Versus Public Library

Subject english

Subject: English

Grade Level: 7th

Duration: 45 minutes



Students will compare and contrast their school library versus the public school library



  • Students will gain a better understanding of the services each library has to offer.



  • Students will learn how to access their school library and public library from a computer.

  • Students will be able to identify resources in both their school library and public library.



  • Computers/Internet

  • Handout



  • Students must log onto

  • Students will click the tab: District Resources

  • Students will click: SVUSD Library Search

  • Students will look and click the tab for their specific school

  • Once students have found their school, students may begin answering the handout.

Part 2 procedure

Part 2 Procedure

  • Students will follow the procedures 1 and 2 again.

  • Next students will click: Orange County Public Libraries or type in the URL:

  • Students will look to the left of the new screen page and click: Library Locator

  • Students will select the library closest to their hometown.

  • Students will answer the second half of their handout.



Students will write a one-two page paper comparing and contrasting the library services of both their school library and public library.

Worksheet questions 1 4

WorksheetQuestions 1-4

1. What type of Encyclopedia is being used? Britannica, World, etc.


Public Library:______________________________________________________________________

2. Are there any other types of Encyclopedias?


Public Library:______________________________________________________________________

3. What type of Dictionaries does each have? Are they available for check-out?


Public Library:______________________________________________________________________

4. Does either library have online services, such as online encyclopedias? If so, please provide the Internet information.


Public Library:________________________________________________________________________

Worksheet questions 5 8

WorksheetQuestions 5-8

5. Is there an Almanac available? If so, what is the most recent year?

School: ______________________________________________________________

Public School:_______________________________________________________

6. Locate 3 different types of Atlases located in both libraries.


Public Library___________________________________________________________________

7. Write and answer your own research question to compare and contrast each library.

8. Look for your favorite book in each library. Did you find it?



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