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Information Meeting Application Exchange November 2012 Margriet ter Horst (Student Mobility Centre) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Information Meeting Application Exchange November 2012 Margriet ter Horst (Student Mobility Centre). Outline Introduction Academic aspects -minor semester - credits -partnerlist - academic calendar - learning agreement Application -website & deadline -step by step

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November 2012

Margriet ter Horst

(Student Mobility Centre)




-minor semester






-website & deadline

-step by step




What is an ExchangeProgramme?

  • 150 Stenden students

  • one semester

  • one of our partners universities

  • same time students at Stenden

What to expect?

  • coursesnotoffered at your home campus

  • learnfrom different lecturers

  • makenewfriends & experience different cultures

  • Enhancepersonal and educationalperspective

  • break out comfort zones

  • become more independent and resourceful

  • Additionalvalue to your

  • Stenden education !

Choosingan Exchange means:

  • Credit transfer (30 EC)

  • Staypayingtuition fee to Stenden

  • Limitednumberparticipants per partner (selection!)

  • Over 100 partners

  • The need to be independent!

Partner list: Europe


Finland France GermanyGreeceHungaryIreland

ItalyLithuaniaNorwayPoland Portugal Slovenia

Spain SwedenSwitzerlandTurkey

United Kingdom

Partners outsideEurope






South Korea

United States

Update partnerlist

-Universidad de Girona (Spain): new partner

-Michigan State University (USA):

No longerfocusingonretail

-Jamk (Finland) : nolonger

for business

-Canada: 2 studentsfor spring

and twostudentsforautumn

-Australia: 2 studentsforJuly 2013

-London: 2 studentsforSept 2013

Pleasenote: the partnerlist is subject to changes!

Partners & Subjects

Business & Tourism: many partners to choosefrom! For other programmes optionsmaybe more limited, e.g.:

Logistics: Molde, Kymenlaakson, LeHavre, Izmir, Yasar, Ludwigshafen, ….

HBM: Hamk, Vienna, SAC, …..

Media: Stuttgart, Yasar, Izmir, Jamk, Samk, Linnaeus, Bremerhafen, Würzburg, MidSweden, ….

Soc. Work: NorthKarelia, Katho, ….


Finnmark University

Innovation management 10 EC

Transnational strategy 10 EC

Cross border entrepreneurship 10 EC

Norwegian language course 5 EC

Autumn outdoor life activities 15 EC


Yasar University

Film criticism and analysis 4 EC

Documentary cinema 6 EC

Broadcoastjournalism 5 EC

Internet marketing 4 EC

Media analysis 5 EC

Media planning 5 EC

Turkishforforeigners 2 EC

International orientationstudies 1 EC


  • Planning to leaveforyour exchange in

  • September orFebruary?

  • Please check: overlap between

  • (current?) academiccalendars of

  • Stenden and partner university

  • e.g.:

  • -LeavingStendenearlier in January?!

  • -Arriving later at Stenden in February?!

  • -Missing the Progress test in January?!

  • -Other



Deadline application:

February 1 2013

Writeyourmotivation letter a.s.a.p.

and no later than in yourChristmas break!

  • Availableonour website:

  • * Partnerlist

  • * Appl. procedure

  • * Application doc’s:

  • Digital application

  • Print progress

  • Motivation letter+CV

  • Advicestudy coach

  • Safety & well-being

  • Prooflanguageskills


Steps preparing the application (1)

Study partnerlist, websites, subject requirements, languagerequirements, academiccalendar, etc.

Make a list of yourfirst, second and thirdchoice

Write your motivation letter + CV and hand in to your studycoach (who will have to assess your motivation) together with the form Advice Study Coach: no later than December

Steps preparing the application (2)

4.Prepare the other appendix of yourapplication:

- (Motivation letter + CV + advicestudy coach)

- Progress print check if complete!

- Proof of languageskills (French, German, Spanish)

- Intake form

  • - Safety and wellbeingform

Steps preparing the application (3)

5. Fill in the digital application

6. Hand in the paperwork at I-Study (including print of your digital application)

Deadline February 1, 2013

Only complete applicationswillbe handled!

Applications/Appendix arriving later thanFebruary 1st willbeplacedon a waiting list !

Timeline exchange

Screening and selection

Why & How

Assessment of:

Motivation Letter (max 5)

Advice Study Coach (1)

Print Progress (3) Check if complete!

LanguageSkills (2) ifapplicable

Overal impressionapplication (1)

AssessmentMotivation letter


Yourapplicationgets a mark.

Students with the highestmarks

are the first to benominated to


(applicable in case more students

applyfor a universitythan we

have placesavailable)

Questions exchange

Information partner universities: see partnerlist for websites

Information exchange in yourStendenprogramme:see list of exchange co-ordinatorsforeachStendenprogramme

Questions exchange procedure: Student Mobility Centre

Office hour SMC:

Tuesday, Wedn., Thursd:

13.00-14.00 hrsI-Study


Youpayyournormaltuition fee to Stenden, not to the partner university!

Othercostswilldiffer per country:

Travel costs

Costsforhousing / living / insurance

Costsforstudymaterials / fieldtrips

Costsfor visa / residence permit / vaccination (ifapplicable)

Someuniversitiesgive a financialoverviewon

their website


Erasmus: For studentswho go on a European exchange

More studentsthan Erasmus grants? Selection!+/- 200,- euro per month

Check forothergrantoptions:

More information?

Check Nuffic:


Grantsforstudyingabroadaftergraduation: check: nationality)

Leonardoforgraduates: [email protected]

The world is a book and thosewhodon’t travel

readonly a page! (StAugustine)