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Stfc safety health and environment she codes
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STFC Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Codes. SHE communication is an area the STFC needs to improve and a simple demonstration of effective safety management – e-mail’s alone are not enough . This package is one of a series of STFC SHE Code – updates, revisions and launches.

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STFC Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Codes

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Stfc safety health and environment she codes

STFC Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Codes

SHE communication is an area the STFC needs to improve and a simple demonstration of effective safety management – e-mail’s alone are not enough.

This package is one of a series of STFC SHE Code – updates, revisions and launches.

Simple presentations will be available for all Codes and should be used by STFC Managers at all levels to cascade the key messages to all staff and contractors.

Simplified format for she codes

Simplified format for SHE Codes

To aid their communication and understanding - simple language and clear responsibilities

Purpose – why the code exists

Scope – where it does and does not apply

Definitions – of key terms

Responsibilities – set out by role – read the part applicable to you, simple languageAppendices - specific to the code but include standard appendices for the training relevant to the code, and an audit checklist

Stfc safety health and environment she codes

Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Group

Introduction to STFC SHE Code 10

“Provision of Safety, Health and Environment Training”

Why she training

Why SHE Training?

  • The Health & Safety at Work (etc) Act 1974 requires all employers to provide “such information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety at work of their employees".

  • The knowledge and experience of staff established by training and instruction provides a key basis for assuring the safety of staff and others.

  • This code sets out the process by which the STFC ensures and records that staff are competent to undertake work within the STFC safely, without harming themselves, or other’s health and the environment.

  • This code equally applies to the “information, instruction, training” we provide for the safety of users, students, visitors, contractors, tenants and temporary staff.

Classes of she training

Classes of SHE Training

  • Two classes of SHE training necessary to ensure competence have been established:

    • General mandatory SHE training; and

      • Mandatory SHE training is a requirement for all staff. This may take the form of general induction training, on appointment to a new role or arrival at an STFC site, or when staff take on managerial responsibility for the safety of others, including contractors, facility users or project teams.

    • Job or hazard specific SHE training.

      • Job or hazard specific training is determined by the role or duties an individual undertakes within the STFC and will be identified by you and your manager. This may be formal courses or ‘On the Job’ training provided by experienced staff.

Key features

Key features

  • Sets out responsibilities for Line Managers and Employees to ensure mandatory SHE training is undertaken and that the training needs of a job or specific hazard are assessed by Manager and Employee within 4 weeks of moving to a new role.

  • The training needs of staff in roles or undertaking a specific activity can be helpfully assessed and documented using a standard Risk Assessment

  • Highlights the need to identify SHE training needs on an on-going basis - most helpfully during the APR process and documented in L&D plans

    • Note: to assist this process all revised SHE codes define the training necessary to achieve competence in managing a particular hazard.

Key points

Key points

  • Read the part of the Code relevant to you – this code is relevant to all STFC staff

  • As Managers have you considered the SHE training needs of your team to undertake their work ? - on appointment and thereafter as part of the APR process developing L&D plans.

  • As Employees have you considered what training you need to maintain, or improve your own competence, to undertake specific tasks or roles - to maintain your safety and the safety of your colleagues and others that use our sites/facilities.

She training

SHE Training

  • Recognising the importance of competence in safety management - a standard appendix to each SHE code lists necessary training.

  • Training appendices should be used by managers and staff when considering new hazards or in general as part of Annual Performance Reviews (APRs).- see SHE Code 10 ‘Provision of SHE training’

  • As each code is launched relevant training will be set up for staff.

  • To book this training contact your local SHE training contacts:

    • RAL 8288

    • DL 3600

Further questions

Further questions

Don’t hesitate to contact your SHE Group

  • Graeme Finlan, DL, 3147, RAL, 6249

  • Gareth Baker, DL, 3285

  • Jim Wells, RAL, 6323

  • or your Departmental Safety Contact

    If you have questions on the content or the format of the presentation

Stfc safety health and environment she codes

Departmental Safety Contacts

  • CLF– Brian Wyborn RAL5589

  • ISIS – Jane Vickers RAL8331

  • SRS – Paul Quinn DL3261

  • OBU– Andy Dickinson RAL8345– Colin WeeksDL3294

    - Julia EastonRAL 5796

  • TBU – Steve Quinton RAL5534

  • SSTD – Guy Woodhouse RAL5328

  • PPD – Erik JohnsonRAL 5071

    / Paul Flower RAL6264

  • CSED– Tim FranksDL 3985

  • E-science- Andrew KayeRAL8279

  • ASTeC- Joe HerbertDL 3215

  • Head Office- Andy BoydRAL 8222

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