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Processing your college applications
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Processing Your College Applications. How to use Family Connection for all things relating to college apps!. Add schools to “Colleges I’m Thinking About List”.

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Processing Your College Applications

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Processing your college applications

Processing Your College Applications

How to use Family Connection for all things relating to college apps!

Add schools to colleges i m thinking about list

Add schools to Colleges Im Thinking About List

Processing your college applications

Transcript Request FormsComplete a Transcript Request form and submit to Mrs. RichardsThis must be done before we send ANY transcripts.Form available on our website or in the Counseling Office.

Processing your college applications

  • PLEASE..

    Submit this form ONLY after you have sent your first school electronically.

    This will allow your counselor to send your transcript and other related documents in a timely manner.

Processing your college applications

Your transcript request must be submitted

at least 10 school days prior to any deadline.

Processing your college applications

Create an account for the Common Application, as many schools (including UConn and ECSU) use this service.

Processing your college applications

Beginning this year, there are NO PAPER Common Applications.

If you are applying to an institution that requires the Common App, you MUST apply electronically!!!

Processing your college applications

  • Once you set up a Common Application account, you will need to remember your

    Common App Password


    Common App ID

    You will need both of these for your counselor to send your transcripts electronically.


    Write these in your agenda!!!

Processing your college applications

Complete the FERPA Waiver in Family Connection. This must be done even if you are not using the Common App.

Processing your college applications


    If you do not complete the FERPA Waiver, we will be unable to send your transcripts..

Ask teachers for recommendations personally then add in colleges i m applying to

ASK teachers for recommendations personally, then add in Colleges Im Applying To.

Processing your college applications

Once you have decided where you will apply, move schools from the Colleges Im Thinking About screen to the Colleges Im Applying To screen.

Processing your college applications

Request electronic transcript!Go to Colleges tabLeft of screen Resources (1)Click Request Transcripts (2)Enter required informationClick Request Transcripts (3)at bottom of screen.

Processing your college applications




Processing your college applications


    If you do not add the schools you are applying to on the Transcript Request Form you submit to the Counseling Office, we will NOT send your transcripts.

For the rare paper application

For the rare paper application!

  • IF the school you are applying to DOES NOT have an on-line application, you will need to download and complete a paper application.

  • To submit a paper application, you still need to list the school in Family Connection, and complete the Transcript Request Form.

  • To process your paper application, bring the application, any supporting materials (essay, recommendations, etc.), a large envelope addressed to the college with 4 stamps to the Counseling Office.

Applying to mcc

Applying to mcc

If you are planning on attending MCC, or any of the state community colleges, you do not need to apply until the end of January.

MCC does have both an electronic application (usually available at their website late January) and a paper application.

You will still need to follow the process we have described when you apply.

College rep visits

College Rep Visits

  • The list of colleges visiting THS is also in Family Connection under the Colleges tab.

Processing your college applications

  • Click on the sign-up prompt, and you will receive a pass on the day of the visit.

Please see your counselor with any questions regarding this process

Please see your counselor with any questions regarding this process!

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