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Blogging with wordpress
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Blogging With WordPress. Department of Information Science & Engineering Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgaum. What is a Website?. A website is a collection of web pages, images, videos or other digital assets that are hosted on one web server, usually accessible via the Internet.

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Blogging With WordPress

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Blogging with wordpress

Blogging With WordPress

Department of Information Science & Engineering

Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgaum

What is a website

What is a Website?

  • A website is a collection of web pages, images, videos or other digital assets that are hosted on one web server, usually accessible via the Internet.

  • A website may be organized by function as a personal website, a commercial website, organization website etc

  • A static website is one that has web pages stored on the server in the same form as the user will view them. It is primarily coded in HTML (Hyper-text Markup Language).

  • A dynamic website is one in which the web page content changes automatically and/or frequently based on certain criteria. The user/ administrator can add/modify content without any technical knowledge.

What is a blog

What is a Blog?

  • A blog (short-form for weblog) is a website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video.

  • Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order.

  • Types : Online diaries, photo blog, audio, video blog, business or company blog etc

Why blog

Why Blog?

  • A blog is a simple, cost-effective way to create a professional online presence.

  • A blog creates a conversation between you and the people who matter to you.

  • A blog delivers a huge impact for very little money.

  • A blog allows you to take control of what you publish.

  • A blog allows you to develop a position of thought leadership.

  • A blog is a valuable business tool for collecting customer feedback.

  • A blog creates a historical record of your content.

What is wordpress

What is WordPress?

  • WordPress is an open source blog publishing application.

  • WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.

  • WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.

  • Official Website :

Web hosting

Web Hosting

  • A web hosting service allows individuals and organizations to provide their own website accessible via the World Wide Web.

  • Web hosts are companies that provide space on an internet server.

  • Some popular Web Hosts : Media Temple, The Planet, Slice Host, Mosso etc

How to install wordpress on localhost using xampp

How to Install WordPress On Localhost Using XAMPP

Do you know , WordPress can be used Offline also ? WordPress is the mostly used Blogging Platform used among Bloggers. And this benefits the designers for Designing or making WordPress Themes and Plugins. What happens when you modified or designed a plugin and want to Test it without affecting your Blog. Installing of WordPress on Localhost and testing your Plugin or Theme on Localhost will not affect your Blog and is quite simple and takes not more than 5 minutes.



1- Get XAMPP for Windows, and install it at the root of your C drive.

2- Once that is done, open xampp control panel and start the Apache and MySql services.

Blogging with wordpress

3- Open your browser and go to this address: http://localhost/. Choose your preferred language.

4- Now that the interface displays a language that you can understand, click on phpMyAdmin (on the left column).

Blogging with wordpress

5- Enter “wordpress” (without quotes)  in the “Create New Database” Field, and select “utf8_unicode_ci” in the drop down box in the next field. Click on Create. The Xampp setup is now complete.

Domain names

Domain Names

  • Domain names war unique alphabetical addresses instead of numeric ones. Domain names allow Internet users to more easily find and communicate with web sites and any other IP-based communications services.

  • URL:

    Domain name:

  • Generic .biz · .com · .info · .name · .net · .org · .pro

  • Sponsored .aero · .asia · .cat · .coop · .edu · .gov · .int · .jobs · .mil · .mobi · .museum · .tel · .travel

  • Country Domains .in .us .uk .au

Blogging with wordpress

  • Now you have gone through the basics of website, blog, hosting and domains.

  • Let us start with setting up your web hosting account.

  • A commercial hosting and a domain name is always required for a good website.

  • There are many free web hosts around and we shall use

Lets go

Lets Go…

Blogging with wordpress

Registration for Hosting Account…

Blogging with wordpress

Confirmation Message…

Blogging with wordpress

Login - Email Account…

Blogging with wordpress

Account Verification…

Blogging with wordpress

Account Details – Save It

Blogging with wordpress

Web Host Provider Website…

Blogging with wordpress

Hosting Control Panel - Login…

Blogging with wordpress

Hosting Control Panel – Overview…

Blogging with wordpress

Creating Database…

Blogging with wordpress

  • Now you are done with Web Hosting setup and Database Creation.

  • You can now upload the files to your web server.

  • Download WordPress source code from

  • You can either upload files through either hosting control panel or ftp.

  • It is recommended to use FTP Client like “FileZilla” or similar one.

  • Transfer all the Wordpress files to root directory of your web server.

  • Additional Plugins has to uploaded into ../wp-content/plugin/ and Themes into ../wp-content/theme/

Blogging with wordpress

Connecting to Web Sever through FileZilla ftp Client…

Blogging with wordpress

Transferring Files from your Computer to Server…

Blogging with wordpress

Open URL of your WebSite in any Browser…

Blogging with wordpress

Starting Wordpress Installation…

Blogging with wordpress

Connecting to Database…

Blogging with wordpress

Connected to Database !

Continue to Install Sample Tables/Data..

Blogging with wordpress

Starting with Blog Details…

Blogging with wordpress

Success !

Note Default Account Details…

Blogging with wordpress

Logging-In into your Site…

Blogging with wordpress

Overview of WordPress Control Panel…

Blogging with wordpress

WordPress User Management…

Blogging with wordpress

Changing Default Admin Password…

Blogging with wordpress

Done !!!

Blogging with wordpress

  • You have completed your Blog Setup.

  • Continue with the Wordpress customization work.

  • Add Plugins and Widgets.

  • Customize the look of your site.

    Create theme easily on

  • Your site Url may be like

  • It is recommended to have with commercial hosting at later stage, if you wish.

  • For time being let us get which is free and make your site address simple and easy to remember.

Blogging with wordpress


Blogging with wordpress

Confirming the availability of name…

Blogging with wordpress

Creating Co.Cc Account…

Blogging with wordpress

Filling up Registration form…

Blogging with wordpress

Proceeding with domain setup…

Blogging with wordpress

Overview of Co.Cc Control Panel…

Blogging with wordpress

Managing Domain – Website Settings…

Blogging with wordpress

Setting Up URL Forwarding…

Blogging with wordpress

Done !!!

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Blogging with wordpress

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Workshop conducted by

Workshop Conducted By

  • Prof. Kiran K. Tangod

  • Sandeep Hegde

  • Snehal Mense

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