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ELA organisation: CULTURAL AND EDUCATIONAL CENTRE and LONGTERM PROJECT FOR CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS. Malawi, South-eastern Africa. In 2011 a project  Building a Cultural & Educational Centre with program for children with special needs in primary schools ha s started.

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Malawi, South-eastern Africa

In 2011 a project 

Building a Cultural &Educational Centre with program for children with special needs in primary schoolshas started.

Most African countries have already  introduced generalprimary, free-of-charge 

education for the children, but:

  • classrooms are overcrowded, pupil to teacher ratio in rural schools is roughly 60-100 to 1

  • teachers cannot work with pupils individually which is especially tough on children with special needs who do not follow the lectures and do not meet the required standards of knowledge.

  • Although primary education is available, a great portionof pupils do not benefit from it, as the education theyget is weak.

  • That fact diminishes their chances to enter good secondary school and later find a descent job.

  • Therefore their and their family’s future is destined to poverty.

Our goals are:

  • to provide learning aid classes and help to children with learning disabilities(problems with concentration, difficulties with fine motor skills, dyslexia …) so they have a better chance at successfully finishing primary school and have better future.

  •  to provide lectures and workshops for teachers (introducing child-oriented teaching system, alternative methods on working with children with special needs)

  • to diminish dropping out rate from primary education.

Our activities:

  • Daily workshops conducted by educated volunteers (students from teachers colleague, special needs graduates) to school teachers and pupils.

  • Study help for children with special needs will be offered in the new Educational centre and in primary school classes.

  • Extra curriculum activities and workshops for children and youth will be offered in the new Educational centre.

Financial structure 2012 2013
Financial structure (2012-2013)

Finishing of the centre andbasic equipement: 8.000 EUR

  • Solar pannels,

  • installation of water and electricity,

  • toilet blocks,

  • Inside furniture

    Yearly cost of running infrastructure project

    andprograme: 8000 €

  • Administration,

  • Salaries (night watchman ,translators and project leaders, food for volunteers)

  • Workshop material, special needs aid accessories…

  • ELA’s educational centre will be used as:

  • Educational day centre for primary, secondary and nursery children

  • Education centre for teachers

  • Education centre for adults

  • Cultural centre

  • Accommodation for foreign volunteers

How will we achieve our goals?

With lots of effort, knowledge, positive energy and

Your help!

Thank You!

ELA Organisation