Can our pond be saved

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Introduction. When you woke up this morning you thought it was just going to be an ordinary day at school. While brushing your teeth, you noticed that the water tasted funny and smelled bad. ?This is strange," you thought, but continued with your morning routine. After getting dressed and eati

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Can our pond be saved

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1. Can our pond be saved? WebQuest 4th grade Science & Language Arts By Lynnie Brooke Taylor

2. Introduction When you woke up this morning you thought it was just going to be an ordinary day at school. While brushing your teeth, you noticed that the water tasted funny and smelled bad. “This is strange,” you thought, but continued with your morning routine. After getting dressed and eating breakfast, you gathered your books and off to school you went. On your way, you noticed that the air was a little thick and looked foggy. There weren’t many birds chirping either. You could see the school bus coming before it reached you because of the exhaust fumes coming out of the back. You boarded the bus and off you went!

3. When you got off the bus, you searched for your friends, found them waiting in the gym, and sat down. You could hardly hear them over the construction happening on the lot next to the school. The loud noise from the equipment being used gave you a headache! The bell rang way too soon and off to class you went. On the way you stopped at the water fountain for a sip. “Ugh!” you said to your friends because the taste of the water was as bad as it was when you brushed your teeth at home.

4. You and your friends walked into your homeroom where the morning news was turned on and you heard the announcer say, “Our world is slowly become a dangerous place to live. Pollution is overtaking the environment and harming all living things and causing damage to non-living things.” Oh well, you thought as you unpacked and found your desk. You were more concerned with what you did with your homework, until all of a sudden the announcer says, “Dead fish have been seen floating to the surface in Taylor Pond. Health experts and investigators have decided to close the pond for further investigation. No fishing or swimming will take place in the pond until after the investigation.” “What?” you say to your best friend beside you. “We can’t go swimming or fishing this weekend!”

5. You and your three best friends have decided to investigate the no swimming or fishing policy that was put in place. You know that pollution is to blame, but how did it happen and what can be done about it? Click on the task button below to find out what you can do to help.

6. Task How can the pond be saved from pollution? The four of you will become pollution experts and try to help solve the problem. One of you will take on the role of air pollution expert. One of you will become a water pollution expert. One of you will become a noise pollution expert. One of you will become an expert on overpopulation. Did the new subdivision near the pond have anything to do with what happened? Your goal is to formulate ideas for solutions to existing pollution problems and educate those around you about the effects of pollution. Click on the tasks below to find out your specific job.

7. Task 1 Identify the causes of pollution in your area of expertise, how it affected the pond, and possible solutions for your pollution.

8. Task 2 Letter to the Editor: Write a persuasive letter to the editor that convinces the people in your community to do their part in cleaning up pollution and why it is important.

9. Task 3 Pollution Solution Poster: Create a poster for your area of expertise that shows people how they can help solve the pollution problem and what can happen if pollution continues.

10. Process To begin learning about your area of pollution, first you need to conduct research in your field. One report will be turned in for your group for task 1. You will complete tasks 2 and 3 individually, although you will work with your group on editing and ideas. Click on resources below to begin. Don’t forget to look at the Task 1 handout on the resources page to take notes. Your teacher will give you a copy of this.

11. Resource List 1

12. Resource List 2

13. Resource List 3

14. View of Task 1 Handout

15. Evaluation

16. Task 1 Evaluation

17. Task 1 Rubric

18. Task 2 Evaluation

19. Task 2 Rubric

20. Task 3 Evaluation

21. Task 3 Rubric

22. Teacher Page

23. Conclusion Congratulations! I hope that you and your friends enjoy swimming and fishing in Taylor Pond. I’m proud that you have become an expert in your field of pollution and have learned the effects and ways to prevent all types of pollution. Please continue to share with those around you ways that they can help our environment and reasons why they should. I know that with your knowledge and the knowledge you will continue to share with others, problems like those in Taylor Pond will be few and far between.

24. Task 1 Standards

25. Task 2 Standards

26. Format Standards

27. Content Standards

28. Presentation Standards

29. Following Directions Standards

30. Task 3 Standards

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