E commerce web site sales and inventory management system
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E-commerce Web Site: Sales and Inventory Management System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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E-commerce Web Site: Sales and Inventory Management System. Markku Marjoneva. The customer: Akiba Oy. Founded in 2003 Retailer selling: Computers and computer equipment Digital cameras Home theater systems GSM, GPS and outdoor equipment

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The customer akiba oy
The customer: Akiba Oy

  • Founded in 2003

  • Retailer selling:

    • Computers and computer equipment

    • Digital cameras

    • Home theater systems

    • GSM, GPS and outdoor equipment

  • Concentrates mostly on enthusiast level equipment with competetive pricing


  • A new company with a web site layout without functionality

  • Tools for editing products and product categories already done

  • Database design mostly done

  • In need of customer site functionality

Requirements 1
Requirements 1

  • A customer web site

  • Browsable product categories

  • Product information view

  • Product search

  • A shopping basket

  • Order sending

  • Product promotions

Requirements 2
Requirements 2

  • Employee web site

  • Order management and handling

  • Order search

  • Inventory management for separate warehouses

  • Inventory transfers between warehouses

Requirements 3
Requirements 3

  • Additional tools for employees

  • Sales reporting

  • Warranty handling tools

  • Employee communication tools

  • Product information integration

  • Not covered in depth in the thesis

Customer web site1
Customer web site

  • Implementing the functionality to the site design and keeping a consistent overall look for the customer site

  • Using the product information already in the database to create product listings

  • Shopping basket

  • Search

  • Promotions

Web based application
Web-based application

  • Benefits of web-based application

    • Platform independence

    • GUI tools ready

    • Low learning curve

    • Accessable

    • Does not require installation

    • Can be hosted off-site

    • PHP and MySQL a proven platform

Web based application1
Web-based application

  • Disadvantages of web-based application

    • Can be slow

    • Simple user interface

    • Network outage disables the system

    • High bandwidth usage

    • Real time tools require special arrangements

    • Not suitable for all tasks

    • Possible browser incompatibilities

Employee web site
Employee web site

  • Orders were at first sent as emails

  • Database based order management was needed quickly

  • Required database design and implementation to hold the order and product data

  • Required creation of order editing tools

Order editing
Order editing

  • The most important functionality

  • Holds the information of

    • Order status

    • Customer information

    • Extra information

    • Ordered items

  • Displays product inventory status

Order search
Order search

  • Interface is similar to the order editing view

  • All fields are searchable

  • Powerful search capabilities

  • Familiar interface


  • Receipt has to be printable from the web-based system

  • There is no enforced web standard for printing a web page

  • Browser selection can be controlled (Mozilla Firefox & MS Internet Explorer)

  • Solved with CSS and PDF

Inventory management
Inventory Management

  • Inventory management is needed to control the product flow

  • The system should know if the required product is in stock, if it needs to be ordered of if it is already ordered.

  • This has to work on several warehouses

Inventory management1
Inventory Management

  • When products are ordered this is marked in the database

  • When products arrive from the suppliers, they are signed into the system

  • The products and their serials (if needed) are read using barcodes

  • The inventory tools had to be designed so they work with barcode readers

Inventory management2
Inventory management

  • Inventory status has to be updated automatically when orders are handled

  • The inventory status is visible from the order editing interface

Inventory transfers
Inventory transfers

  • All products are signed in at the main warehouse

  • Products are transferred from the main warehouse to other location(s)

  • There is a tool for transferring batches of items from one warehouse to another and keeping the inventories up to date


  • Security is based on usernames, passwords and user group separations

  • User names and passwords are used for entering the system

  • The system is divided into seller site and office site with different privileges


  • All the tools are separate script files

  • Common variables and functions are kept in include files

    • Database connections

    • Global configuration variables

    • Common methods

  • Functionality can easily be tested and implemented separately

Problems with the project
Problems with the project

  • Requirements for features came as the system progressed

  • No real overall design for easy implementation of functionality

  • Partially obsolete database structure the cannot be changed

  • Adding new functionality without affecting old functionality is difficult


  • The project was a success and is in use

  • The system is still under constant development to include new functionality

  • Design and implementation of a new system has been started