Qa jahran
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Qa’ Jahran. WTH. Wadi ath-Thayyilah. Wadi al-Hamil Ç. Al-Hajla al-Hamra. Sanaa. Blocchi decorativi in pietra a “facciata di palazzo”. . Blocchi decorativi in pietra a “facciata di palazzo”. . Blocchi decorativi in pietra a “false finestre”. .

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Qa’ Jahran

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Qa jahran

Qa’ Jahran

Qa jahran

WTH. Wadi ath-Thayyilah

Qa jahran

Wadi al-HamilÇ

Qa jahran

Al-Hajla al-Hamra

Qa jahran


Qa jahran

Blocchi decorativi in pietra a “facciata di palazzo”.

Blocchi decorativi in pietra a “facciata di palazzo”.

Blocchi decorativi in pietra a “false finestre”.

Esempio di obelisco da Aksum. (da Grohmann 1963).

Qa jahran

Tempio di ‘Athtar

Tempio di Nakhrah

Baraqish. Area sacra.

Qa jahran

Archaeological missions operating in southern Arabia in the last decade

American Foundation for the Study of the Man (AFSM) activities at M¤rib to the Awwam Temple (M. Phillips).

American Institute for Yemeni Studies archaeological activities in the Highland (AIYS) (Ch. Edens).

British archaeological Mission in Yemen, Tihama (C. Phillips).

Canadian archaeological Mission of the Royal Ontario Museum in Yemen, Tihamah (E.J. Keall).

French archaeological Mission to Úabwa (J.-F. Breton).

French archaeological Mission in Jawf-Hadramawt (M. Mouton – A. Benoist – J. Schiettecatte).

French archaeological and epigraphic mission in the ancient kingdom of Qataban (Mission Qatab¤n) (Ch.J. Robin).

German archaeological Missions (DAI) to Marib, Sirwaà and Jabal al-Lawdh (I. Gerlach - H. Hitgen - B. Vogt).

Heidelberg University Expedtion at ûaf¤r (P. Yule).

Italian archaeological Missions in the Yemen Arab Republic (MAIRAY) to Tamna¥ and Baraqish (A. de Maigret) and Ghaym¤n (S. Antonini).

Italian archaeological Mission to Oman (IMTO) to Khor Rori and Salut (A. Avanzini).

Russian archaeological Missions to Raybun, Qana and Socotra (A.V. Sedov – M. Piotrovsky – P. Gryaznevich – Y.A. Vinogradov - H. Amirkhanov - V. Naumkin).

Joint German-Russian archaeological Mission to Sabir (B. Vogt – A.V. Sedov – V. Buffa).

University of Arkansas at Little Rock archaeological Mission at MaÜnaʽat M¤ryah (K. Lewis, L. Khalidi).

Yemeni General Organization for Antiquities and Museums (GOAM) archaeological excavation at Husn Thula.

Qa jahran

Restoration activities carried out within the archaeological projects

The major restoration projects conducted in South Arabic sites are:

IMTO, restoration of Sumhuram site.

MAIRAY, restoration of the Nakrah temple at Bar¤qish.

DAI, Restoration of the Bar’an Temple, Almaqah Temple or Mahram Bilqis.

DAI, restoration of the M¤rib Dam.

French archaeological Mission, restoration of the as-Sawd¤’ extra muros temple.

AFSM, restoration of the Awwam temple of Almaqah at M¤rib.

Qa jahran

Archaeological missions operating outside of Yemen:

German archaeological Mission (DAI) to Yéha, Tigray, Ethiopia (I. Gerlach, N. Nebes).

Italian archaeological Mission to Dumat al-Jandal, Saudi Arabia (R. Loreto).

French archaeological Mission in the Najran region, Saudi Arabia (Ch.J. Robin).

French archaeological Mission at al-Yamama, Kharj, Saudi Arabia (J. Schiettecatte).

French archaeological Mission at Mleiha, United Arab Emirates (M. Mouton)

French archaeological and epigraphic Mission in Etiopia, Wakarida (F. Dugast, I. Gajda).

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