Micronesia project update phase ii fy07 fy08
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Micronesia Project Update Phase II (FY07 & FY08) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Micronesia Project Update Phase II (FY07 & FY08). Francis L. Benevides Jr. PhD, PE Pacific Islands Program Manager, HIP SMO. REQUIREMENTS Technical Operations. Sustain facility and equipment by performing upgrades and modifications to meet: FAA installation standards

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Presentation Transcript
Micronesia project update phase ii fy07 fy08
MicronesiaProject UpdatePhase II (FY07 & FY08)

Francis L. Benevides Jr. PhD, PE

Pacific Islands Program Manager, HIP SMO

Requirements technical operations
REQUIREMENTSTechnical Operations

Sustain facility and equipment by performing upgrades and modifications to meet:

  • FAA installation standards

  • National Airspace System (NAS) configuration criteria

  • Flight Plan 2004 – 2008 performance goals

  • National Electric Code (NEC)

  • Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) standards

Future projects technical operations
FUTURE PROJECTSTechnical Operations

Upgrade, modify existing facilities and equipment:

  • Supplemental Aviation Weather Reporting Station (SAWRS) electrical infrastructure

  • SAWRS consoles

  • FAA-certifiable radio communications equipment and related Digital Voice Recording System (DVRS)

  • Bandwidth Manager

Future projects continued technical operations
FUTURE PROJECTS (continued)Technical Operations

Upgrade, modify existing facilities and equipment:

  • Non-Directional Beacon (NDB) antennas

  • NAVAIDS Remote Monitoring System (NRMS) for NDB and Distance Measuring Equipment (DME)

  • Aeronautical Information System Replacement (AISR) computer workstations

  • Pre-positioned spare parts

Sawrs electrical infrastructure technical operations
SAWRS Electrical InfrastructureTechnical Operations

  • Remove unauthorized mods applied since early 1970s

  • Remove known safety hazards (e.g. abandoned “live wires”)

  • Replace obsolete distribution panels and circuit breakers

  • Install lightning protection and approved grounding to accommodate latest solid state electronic equipment

  • Apply corrective measures to bring facilities up to current FAA installation standards and NEC codes

Sawrs consoles technical operations
SAWRS ConsolesTechnical Operations

  • Remove inherently cluttered, table-top type operating positions not suitable for current solid state electronics equipment

  • Install standard ergonomic consoles that facilitate adequate cooling, connectivity, mounting, servicing and easy access to operational, and administrative equipment

Radio communications and dvrs technical operations
Radio Communicationsand DVRSTechnical Operations

  • Replace non FAA-certifiable radio transmitters and receivers with latest Motorola CM-200 series that are also compatible with voice recording systems

  • Install DVRS for reliable, secure, radio transmission recordings between SAWRS personnel and pilots to improve support of aviation inquiries and aircraft accident investigations

Bandwidth manager technical operations
Bandwidth ManagerTechnical Operations

  • Optimize future telecommunications

  • PLAN: Install interface to National Weather Service (NWS) Integrated Satellite Communication System (ISCS)

    • NWS: weather forecasts, warnings, information, weather contour maps etc.

    • FAA: communication support for NRMS

  • UPDATE: Exploring alternative options

Ndb antennas technical operations
NDB AntennasTechnical Operations

  • Remove existing T-top twin tower antennas not suitable for harsh, corrosive marine environments

  • Replace with single tower Marconi vertical antenna

    • Smaller overall “footprint”

    • Lower surface area exposed to corrosive elements

    • Easier servicing and maintenance

    • Increased facility reliability and availability

Nrms for ndb and dme technical operations
NRMS for NDB and DMETechnical Operations

  • Currently, only local control and monitoring

  • Install FAA standard OPTO-22 based NRMS

    • Remote monitor and control

    • Remote equipment diagnostics and reset

    • Timely status/failure reporting facilitates expeditious NOTAM issuance by POCC

    • Reduced facility restoration travel costs

Aisr workstations technical operations
AISR WorkstationsTechnical Operations

  • Currently, PC computers running non-supportable AFTN/MET software

  • Install new workstations

    • Run web-based Aeronautical Information System Replacement (AISR) software

    • Enhance intranet security

Spare parts technical operations
Spare PartsTechnical Operations

  • Pre-position adequate parts and “hot” spares to reduce time to restore facilities (e.g.)

    • Visual Aids (PAPI, REIL)

    • Communications and DVRS

    • Handheld radios

    • NDB and DME

    • UPS, PCS, EGs

    • DMUXs

    • Batteries and chargers

Phase II Project CostsTechnical Operations

Phase ii project milestones technical operations
Phase II Project MilestonesTechnical Operations