We re going place
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We’re Going Place. Monroe Middle School Library Orientation. Falcons Library Behavior. F- Frequent visits to the library A- Always show respect L- Listen and follow directions. Library assistant may ask you to be quiet. C- Continue to read to improve test scores!

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We’re Going Place

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We’re Going Place

Monroe Middle School Library


Falcons Library Behavior

F-Frequent visits to the library

A-Always show respect

L-Listen and follow directions. Library assistant may ask you to be quiet.

C- Continue to read to improve test scores!

O-Open a book, open your mind.

N-New books are available to explore.

S-Support each other as we learn.

Library Hours

  • Open everyday from 7:15 to 3:00

  • Extended hours available upon request.

Sections in Library

New Books

  • New books that arrive in library and are ready to check out will be placed on the on this shelf.


  • Classified based on Dewey Decimal Numbers.

  • When looking for a specific subject, check chart or ask librarian or assistant.


  • The largest collection of books are Fiction.

  • Find these by looking for authors last name.

  • Found in ABC order by author’s last name.

  • Call number starts with F.


  • Can be found in ABC order by the famous person’s last name, not the author.

  • Call number starts with B.


  • Current magazines are found in covers and may not be checked out.

  • Look at current issue while in library and make sure to put back when finished.

  • Past issues can be checked out for one week.

“Coffee Table” Books

  • Neat books to look at while in library.

  • Cannot be checked out.

  • Put back on shelf when finished looking at them.


  • Dictionaries, Thesauri, Encyclopedias, and other reference materials.

  • Cannot be checked out.

  • Put back on shelf when finished looking at these books.


  • Stay in library.

  • Large dictionary stays on stand.

  • Others can be looked at while in library but should be put back when finished.

Cozy Reading Areas

  • Cozy reading areas are for times that you come to library and want to review a good book, read a magazine, or just chill.

  • May come during reward time or when teacher allows you to come.

  • Have teacher check to make sure I am in the library before coming.

Library Expectations

  • You may check out TWO books at a time.

  • Keep them for TWO weeks at a time.

  • Return before or on the stamped due date.

  • Notices of OVERDUE books will be passed out. NEVER have an overdue book.

Checking Books Out with Class

  • Library number is same as lunch number.

  • Form a line and wait your turn.

Coming without Your Class

  • Need library pass before entering library.

  • Go to circulation desk to check out book.

  • Give your library number to librarian or student assistant.

  • Return to class.

Out of Office

  • Any time you see this sign, this means no one is in the library for you to check out books.

  • Return at another time.

  • Miss Holder has classes during 2nd, 5th, and 6th periods; however there is an assistant, but they may have stepped out to run an errand.

Returning Books

  • When finished reading the book, put book in Book Return Drop.

  • NEVER lay on circulation desk!

Off Limits to ALL Students

Behind Circulation Desk.

In “Fund” Room.

In Miss Holder’s Office.

Students May Use Under Special Request

  • Epson DieCuts available when doing class projects. Must supply your own paper.

  • Bulletin board paper, if teacher sends you. Only get what you need and NEVER waste materials.

  • NEVER touch the laminator!!!

Library Fundraisers

  • Used Ink Cartridges and Old Cellphones.

  • Turn in two and receive prize.

  • Must turn in to Miss Holder or assistant.

  • Boxtops for Education.

  • Turn in 10 and receive prize.

  • Must turn in to Miss Holder or Assistant.

  • Cookies sold on Thursdays.

  • 1 for 50 cents

  • 2 for $1.00

  • 3 for $1.25

  • Book Fair will be held in September and February.

  • Watch for details.


  • Be respectful. The decorations are for you to enjoy, but please do not touch them.

  • Put trash in trash cans.

  • Push up chairs if sitting at table.

  • Keep a voice level of 0 while in library.


  • Want a new book or magazine to read, make a suggestion to Miss Holder or assistant. New books are ordered at least twice a year.

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