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We’re Going Place

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We’re Going Place. Monroe Middle School Library Orientation. Falcons Library Behavior. F- Frequent visits to the library A- Always show respect L- Listen and follow directions. Library assistant may ask you to be quiet. C- Continue to read to improve test scores!

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we re going place

We’re Going Place

Monroe Middle School Library


falcons library behavior
Falcons Library Behavior

F-Frequent visits to the library

A-Always show respect

L-Listen and follow directions. Library assistant may ask you to be quiet.

C- Continue to read to improve test scores!

O-Open a book, open your mind.

N-New books are available to explore.

S-Support each other as we learn.

library hours
Library Hours
  • Open everyday from 7:15 to 3:00
  • Extended hours available upon request.
new books
New Books
  • New books that arrive in library and are ready to check out will be placed on the on this shelf.
non fiction
  • Classified based on Dewey Decimal Numbers.
  • When looking for a specific subject, check chart or ask librarian or assistant.
  • The largest collection of books are Fiction.
  • Find these by looking for authors last name.
  • Found in ABC order by author’s last name.
  • Call number starts with F.
  • Can be found in ABC order by the famous person’s last name, not the author.
  • Call number starts with B.
  • Current magazines are found in covers and may not be checked out.
  • Look at current issue while in library and make sure to put back when finished.
  • Past issues can be checked out for one week.
coffee table books
“Coffee Table” Books
  • Neat books to look at while in library.
  • Cannot be checked out.
  • Put back on shelf when finished looking at them.
  • Dictionaries, Thesauri, Encyclopedias, and other reference materials.
  • Cannot be checked out.
  • Put back on shelf when finished looking at these books.
  • Stay in library.
  • Large dictionary stays on stand.
  • Others can be looked at while in library but should be put back when finished.

Cozy reading areas are for times that you come to library and want to review a good book, read a magazine, or just chill.

  • May come during reward time or when teacher allows you to come.
  • Have teacher check to make sure I am in the library before coming.
library expectations
Library Expectations
  • You may check out TWO books at a time.
  • Keep them for TWO weeks at a time.
  • Return before or on the stamped due date.
  • Notices of OVERDUE books will be passed out. NEVER have an overdue book.
checking books out with class
Checking Books Out with Class
  • Library number is same as lunch number.
  • Form a line and wait your turn.
coming without your class
Coming without Your Class
  • Need library pass before entering library.
  • Go to circulation desk to check out book.
  • Give your library number to librarian or student assistant.
  • Return to class.
out of office
Out of Office
  • Any time you see this sign, this means no one is in the library for you to check out books.
  • Return at another time.
  • Miss Holder has classes during 2nd, 5th, and 6th periods; however there is an assistant, but they may have stepped out to run an errand.
returning books
Returning Books
  • When finished reading the book, put book in Book Return Drop.
  • NEVER lay on circulation desk!
off limits to all students
Off Limits to ALL Students

Behind Circulation Desk.

In “Fund” Room.

In Miss Holder’s Office.

students may use under special request
Students May Use Under Special Request
  • Epson DieCuts available when doing class projects. Must supply your own paper.
  • Bulletin board paper, if teacher sends you. Only get what you need and NEVER waste materials.
  • NEVER touch the laminator!!!
library fundraisers
Library Fundraisers
  • Used Ink Cartridges and Old Cellphones.
  • Turn in two and receive prize.
  • Must turn in to Miss Holder or assistant.

Boxtops for Education.

  • Turn in 10 and receive prize.
  • Must turn in to Miss Holder or Assistant.

Cookies sold on Thursdays.

  • 1 for 50 cents
  • 2 for $1.00
  • 3 for $1.25
  • Be respectful. The decorations are for you to enjoy, but please do not touch them.
  • Put trash in trash cans.
  • Push up chairs if sitting at table.
  • Keep a voice level of 0 while in library.
  • Want a new book or magazine to read, make a suggestion to Miss Holder or assistant. New books are ordered at least twice a year.