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Quiz Show Grades K-12 Aligned to Nebraska State Standards

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Quiz Show Grades K-12 Aligned to Nebraska State Standards - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Quiz Show Grades K-12 Aligned to Nebraska State Standards. Quiz Show Features. A game show format designed specifically for use with Insight 360™.

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Presentation Transcript

Quiz Show

Grades K-12

Aligned to Nebraska State Standards


Quiz Show Features

  • A game show format designed specifically for use with Insight 360™.
    • Insight 360™ is eInstruction’s classroom instruction system that allows you to interact with students as they learn, quickly gaining insight into student understanding during class so you can adjust instruction in real-time during a single class session.
    • Each item includes a CueTag™ for players to respond with student response devices.
    • Each CueTag™ has the question type, answer, and an optional standard.
    • Presenters receive real-time feedback and longitudinal reports.
  • Five categories of assessment content of increasing difficulty levels with low to high point values and one bonus question.
      • Note: If you want to create a Quiz Show customized specifically for your class, download the eI Quiz Show Template from
  • Multiple Choice questions


  • Launch Insight 360.
  • Playing Individually: Provide a student response device to each player.
  • Playing with Teams: Divide the group into teams and provide each team with one student response device.
  • Display the main game board (slide 4) in Slide Show.
  • Presenter selects a category and point value.
  • Players respond to the questionusing the student response devices.
  • Presenter reviews the correct answer.
  • Separate from the game, presenter records the points for questions.
  • Presenter clicks the Back button to return to the main game board to continue.
  • Playing Individually: Presenter selects a category and point value for the next question.
  • Playing with Teams: The team that answers correctly has control of the board. If both teams are correct, the team who has control of the board remains in control.
  • Use the bonus question only after all questions have been answered or the game is about to end.
  • The winner has the most points at the end of the game.

Language Skills: 200

Which sentence has the comma(s) in the right place?

We picked up the grass, rocks and trash in the yard.

We picked up the grass, rocks, and trash in the yard.

We picked up the grass, rocks and trash, in the yard.

We picked up the grass rocks, and trash in the yard.



Language Skills: 400

In which sentence is the word in italics correctly spelled?

We gain nowledge by talking with those older than ourselves.

We gain noledge by talking with those older than ourselves.

We gain knowledge by talking with those older than ourselves.

We gain nolege by talking with those older than ourselves.



Language Skills: 600

Read the two sentences.

I gave some flowers.

I gave to the patient.

Which sentence combines the ideas of both sentences while correctly sequencing the direct object and the indirect object?

I gave the patient some flowers.

I gave some flowers the patient.

I gave to the patient some flowers.

I gave flowers to some patients.



Language Skills: 800

Read the sentence.

Maria bought a present for herself since it was her twenty-first birthday.

Which word in the sentence is a reflexive pronoun?



Language Skills: 1000

Read the sentence below and note the dangling modifier in italics.

After doing well on the test, the teacher gave the class a pizza party.

How could the sentence be rewritten with a correct structure?

After doing well on the test, the teacher had a pizza party

After doing well on the test, the teacher gave them a pizza party.

After the teacher did well on the test, she gave the class a pizza party.

After the class did well on the test, the teacher gave them a pizza party.



Mathematics: 200

There are three water coolers in the cafeteria. Each holds 5 liters when it is full. Now each one is partly empty.

How many liters of water should be added to fill the water coolers?



Mathematics: 400

Which of the following figures has exactly 3 lines of symmetry?



Mathematics: 600

Megan’s backyard is enclosed by a fence and the house. A diagram of the backyard is shown below.

What is the area of Megan’s backyard?



Mathematics: 800

The scatterplot below shows the number of absent students each week in the Lakeside School District. What type of relationship is shown by the data?



Mathematics: 1000

2x² = 18x+20



Reading: 200

Use the diagram of the kite from Ben Franklin, a Kite, and Electricityto answer this question.

How many sticks did Ben use to build the kite?



Reading: 400

Read these sentences from the second Dolphins article.

One day, Marten hopes to have a real conversation with dolphins. “It won’t be free-floating conversation,” he says.

Which word has almost the SAME meaning as free-floating?



Reading: 600

The following graphic organizer from Playing Games in the Classroomlists retention rates based on how information is taught. Consider the ways teachers use video games and simulations in the classroom.

According to the organizer, which is the most effective method of teaching?



Reading: 800

Reread the first paragraph of the article under “Volunteer Opportunities” in Mosby Science Museum: Volunteer Opportunities.

Each year, the Mosby Science Museum opens its doors to more than 800,000 guests from around the world. We couldn’t do it without you! If you enjoy helping others or giving your time and talents to a worthwhile cause, if you want to brush up on your job skills or gain work experience, or if you simply like having fun with science, please consider joining us as a volunteer.

Based on the information in this paragraph, which of the following groups of people do you think would make up the smallest group of museum volunteers?

parents who have stayed home with children returning to the workforce

working adults

middle and high school students

retired people



Reading: 1000

Read the following lines from Romeo and Juliet.

What if it be a poison, which the friar

Subtly hath minister’d to have me dead,

Lest in this marriage he should be dishonour’d,

Because he married me before to Romeo?

What does the word minister’dmean?



Science: 200

Penguins and hummingbirds are both birds but they are different from each other in many ways. In what way are they alike?



Science: 400

The picture below shows how a green plant absorbs and releases materials for photosynthesis.

Refer to arrow number 3 in the diagram above. During photosynthesis, plant leaves give off a gas. What is this gas?



Science: 600

What scientific tool can be used to measure the average kinetic energy of the molecules of a substance?



Science: 800

Use the information in the chart to answer the following question.

The ion lithium achieves stability by ____.



Science: 1000

  • Early astronomers noticed that from one time of year to another some nearby stars appeared to shift position relative to distant stars. This is called parallax shift. For which phenomenon is this parallax shift evidence?
  • The rotation of Earth about its axis.
  • The tilt of Earth’s axis.
  • Earth has an elliptical orbit rather than a circular orbit.
  • The revolution of Earth about the Sun.



Social Studies: 200

The beginning of the Declaration of Independence gives three examples of unalienable rights. They are ____, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.



Social Studies: 400

During the first two decades of the 1800s, the shaded region on the map below was known as what?



Social Studies: 600

Andrew Jackson defeated what southern Native American group at Horseshoe Bend during the War of 1812?



Social Studies: 800

The Holocaust, or the mass murder of six million European Jews, was part of what war?



Social Studies: 1000

Beginning in the 1500s, Native American cultures were gradually destroyed and replaced by European cultures. Which European nation conquered the Aztec and Inca Empires in the Americas?



BONUS: 2000

The graph below shows water level in meters on a beach measured every six hours for a 24-hour period.

Refer to the information and the graph above. Predict the tide at 6 P.M. on Day 2.



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