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Fiscal resources 2013 2014
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Fiscal Resources 2013-2014. Central Intermediate Unit #10. Fiscal Topics. IDEA Funding 611 (School Age) 619 (Kindergarten Age or Kindergarten Eligible) Maintenance of Effort Coordinated Early Intervening Services Extended School Year K-Eligible Invoicing Multi-District Transportation

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Fiscal Resources 2013-2014

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Fiscal resources 2013 2014

Fiscal Resources2013-2014

Central Intermediate Unit #10

Fiscal topics

Fiscal Topics

  • IDEA Funding

    • 611 (School Age)

    • 619 (Kindergarten Age or Kindergarten Eligible)

  • Maintenance of Effort

  • Coordinated Early Intervening Services

  • Extended School Year

  • K-Eligible Invoicing

  • Multi-District

  • Transportation

  • Apartment

  • Psychiatric Assessments

  • Access

  • Fee for Service Trainings

611 idea budgets

611 IDEA Budgets

  • Notice of Adoption of Policies and Procedures

    • Must be signed in blue ink by school district superintendent or charter school CEO

    • Submitted with the CIUs IDEA Budget in June

    • If attending the Superintendent’s Meeting in April, I will have them sign

    • If not – emailed out and cc’d to the special education director

Idea budgets

IDEA Budgets

  • Emailed in July or August, as soon as the school age allocation is final

  • Memo emailed to business managers and special education directors

  • A copy of the agreement, signed by superintendent or CEO, with the budget must be sent back to the CIU

Fiscal resources 2013 2014

Bald Eagle IDEA Agreement 2013 with exhibits.docx

IDEA Budget 2013-2014.xlsx

Using idea funds

Using IDEA Funds

  • If staff are billing for ACCESS – you should use state or local funds, NOT IDEA funds.

  • Staff funded with federal funds should maintain time and effort logs

    • Time and Effort Example

  • Staff funded with federal funds should sign a disclosure statement

    • Disclosure Sign-off

619 funds

619 Funds

  • Similar agreement and budget as 611

  • These funds are for 5 year children in kindergarten or kindergarten age eligible children remaining in early intervention

  • Relatively small amounts of funds

    $0.00 - $7,000.00

Fiscal resources 2013 2014


Maintenance of Effort

  • LEAs must maintain the state and local funding levels for the education of students with disabilities from one year to the next

Exceptions for moe

Exceptions for MoE

  • Voluntary departure of special education or related services personnel

    • Retirement – yes

    • Furlough – no

  • Decrease in enrollment of children with disabilities

  • Termination of costly expenditures for long term purchases

Exceptions for moe cont

Exceptions for MoEcont

  • Termination of exceptionally costly obligation to a particular child with a disability:

    • Student has moved

    • Student has graduated

    • Student no longer needs the program

Moe adjustments

MoE Adjustments

  • If the LEAs IDEA 611 funds exceed the amount from the previous fiscal year, the LEA may reduce the level of expenditures otherwise required for MoE – by not more than 50% of the amount of excess

    • Receives an increase in 611

    • “Meets Requirements” under sec 616 determinations

    • Has not had action taken against it by the SEA under section 616

    • Has not had responsibility for providing FAPE taken from it by the SEA

    • Has not been found by the SEA to have significant disproportionality under 34 CFR 300.646

Coordinated early intervening services and table 8

Coordinated Early Intervening Services and Table 8

  • LEAs may be required to use CEIS funds when the state identifies significant disproportionality based on race or ethnicity with respect to:

    • The identification of children with disabilities

    • The identification of children in specific disability categories

    • The placement of children with disabilities in particular education settings

    • The taking of disciplinary actions

Voluntary use of ceis funds

Voluntary use of CEIS funds

  • LEAs may use up to 15% of IDEA Part B funds to develop and provide CEIS for students who are currently not identified as needing special education

    • Professional development

    • Behavioral and Educational evaluations to determine supports needed in regular education

    • Funds may not be used for evaluations for use in determining eligibility for special education

Fiscal resources 2013 2014


  • Information must be provided to your IU before July 1st of the grant year

    • Will not provide CEIS

    • Will provide CEIS

      • Projected number of students participating

      • Additional reporting requirements

Extended school year

Extended School Year

If contracting with the CIU #10 for ESY teacher, itinerant staff or transportation:

District Special Education Director or district designee completes:

  • Spreadsheet for all students receiving ESY, including related service personnel information.

  • Transportation form for all ESY students requiring transportation.

  • Employee profile sheet for all district staff contracted by IU (do not complete for IU staff contracted by district).

  • If ESY teacher differs from student’s regular teacher, IEP team (sending teacher) is responsible for communicating student’s IEP program to ESY teacher.

Extended school year1

Extended School Year

  • Any changes affecting teacher hours, teacher or para substitutes, transportation, etc. must be submitted to the IU ASAP to maintain accurated and updated invoicing

  • School district administrators must sign all time sheets (including IU related services) in order for personnel to be paid

Extended school year2

Extended School Year

  • Billing for ESY services for June is completed by August

  • Billing for ESY services for July and August is completed by October or November

  • Billing is delayed when staff turn in time sheets and mileage late.

Kindergarten age eligible invoicing

Kindergarten Age Eligible Invoicing

  • Parents have the ability to withhold children from kindergarten for one year

  • If students are in the EI program, the services become the responsibility of the school district

  • The IU provides the service, but invoices the district of residence for the cost of the service

  • K Eligible Billing Explanation

Multi district budget

Multi-District Budget

Multi District Summary

Multi District Example



  • Districts are responsible for the transportation of their students

  • If needed, districts can request that the CIU #10 provided transportation for students

  • Transportation includes:

    • Travel to and from and between schools

    • Specialized equipment

    • Travel to and from community based sites for the purpose of instruction and work experience

    • Contact: Carol Owens 342-0884 ext 3041



  • Transportation Request

  • Community Based Instruction Form

Apartment project

Apartment Project

  • Cost of rent and utilities are shared by the participating districts

  • Last year’s cost per LEA: $1,046.00

  • Apartment Procedures

Psychiatric evaluations

Psychiatric Evaluations

  • The Central Intermediate Unit Contracts with Sunpointe Health to provide four (4) psychiatric evaluations per month

  • Districts may schedule an appointment on the second Tuesday of each month through the CIU website:

  • Districts will be billed $400 per appointment + 6% service charge



  • Billing for IU services:

    • It is important for the home district to obtain the following information and provide a copy to the IU:

      • Physician’s Authorization Form

      • Parent Permission

      • Current IEP

        If the IU has to obtain physician’s authorization, the district will be billed the physician’s fee



  • The IU checks caseloads in Darts to ensure all students are checked for MA eligibility

  • The IU uploads OT, PT, Speech, Hearing and Vision logs from Darts into the Easy Trac system.

  • The IU will use new reports from PCG to determine monies that LEAs will receive (after 7.5% administrative fee)

Requesting access funds

Requesting Access Funds

District Request for CIU #10 Access Funds

Expenditure Samples and Funds Request Form



Services Date Submitted Report

Services Date Paid Report

Central intermediate unit trainings

Central Intermediate Unit Trainings

Fee for Service Chart

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