health promotion in practice
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Health Promotion in Practice

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Health Promotion in Practice - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Health Promotion in Practice . Industry Placement Presentation - Melanie Wassell. Remember what it was like to be this young? For the next minute or two you will need to put your mind back to that time.

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health promotion in practice

Health Promotion in Practice

Industry Placement Presentation - Melanie Wassell


Remember what it was like to be this young?

For the next minute or two you will need to put your mind back to that time.

Scenario: You have been very busy running around, playing with your friends or siblings in the garden. Now it is snack time and you are starving. You are given a few options of what you might eat. Remembering you are this big 

What would you choose?


Host Organisation

Gladstone Regional Council - Discovery Coast Community Health

2 Rafting Ground Road

Agnes Waters

Placement Supervisor: Marina Chang (Accredited Practising Dietician)


Getting the inactive active and the unhealthy healthy

  • Projects
  • Year of Cycling for 2012
  • Healthy Active Workplaces
    • Workplace Biggest Loser
    • Healthy Habits Competition – with weekly challenges
    • Workplace sports teams
  • Healthy Active Organisations
    • Local Sporting Clubs
    • Boyne Island Environmental Education Centre
  • Ambassadors
    • Free Zumba DVD group
    • Facilitation of ‘Heartwise Program’
    • Gladstone Road Runners

Health Education

Health education strategies are planned learning experiences that provide skills and knowledge on health matters to individuals or groups in a educational setting such as a class, seminar, workshop or course (McKenzie, Neiger & Thackeray 2009). They provide the targeted population with a knowledge and understanding on a particular health topic (McKenzie, Neiger & Thackeray 2009).

In terms of my project, health education will be provided to both the children and parents of Agnes Water Childcare Centre via various activities and games based on fruit and vegetable consumption. I plan for further information to be provided to parents on nutritional eating for their family in a take home pack.


Discovery Coast Community Health – Fruit and Vegetable Theme Day for Under 5’s aims to:

  • Use a variety of fun activities and games to encourage children under the age of five to enjoy and consume fruit and vegetables daily
  • Educate parents on the nutritional requirements and the importance of fruit and vegetable consumption for their children
  • Provide families with healthy recipes and fun snack ideas
  • Give children under the age of five an opportunity to taste some of the fun and healthy snack ideas and see that eating healthy can be tasty and fun

My Role:

  • I will be undertaking the role of ‘Project Coordinator’, working with guidance and direction from Marina Chang, Accredited Practising Dietician. As a part of my role I will be involved in a wide range of activities including:
  • Undertaking research and speaking with Marina (Accredited Practising Dietician) to gain a thorough knowledge and understanding of nutrition requirements for the general population as well as specifically for young children
  • Researching methods that have previously been used to educate young children and their parents on nutritional eating and evaluating their success and relevance to my project

My Role

  • Assist in planning the Fruit and Vegetable theme day using the knowledge gained from my research and throughout my degree
  • Assist in implementing the Fruit and Vegetable theme day at the Agnes Waters Childcare Centre
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the day

Special Requirements:

As I will be working with young children it is a requirement that I hold a working with children blue card, which I already have.



McKenzie, JF, Neiger, BL & Thackeray, R 2009, Planning, implementing and evaluating health promotion programs: a primer, Pearson Education, San Fransisco.



Please take the time to post any feedback you may have on my industry placement presentation via the comments section on my wordpress web-blog.