through the tradition to the super modernity
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Through the tradition to the super modernity

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Through the tradition to the super modernity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Through the tradition to the super modernity. Prof. dr hab. Czeslaw Smutnicki Director CECR Institute , WUT 1th April 2013 Wroclaw. Wroclaw University of Technology. Mission:

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through the tradition to the super modernity

Through the tradition to the super modernity

Prof. dr hab. CzeslawSmutnicki

Director CECR Institute, WUT

1th April 2013 Wroclaw

wroclaw university of technology
Wroclaw University of Technology.


The Wroclaw University ofTechnology is an autonomous university, a research insti- tution of a university type. Its mission is to shape creative and critical personalities of the students and to chart directions for development of science and technology.

let s start with the history
Let’s start with the history …

Wroclaw University of Technology came a long way from the first Polish lecture on 15th November 1945 to the lectures held by the cooperating com- panies specialists in the framework of the 2008 Ministry of Science and Higher Education project regardning ordered specia- lisations at the technical, mathematical and natural science units.


Lwov University of Technology (1844) – academic staff & tradition

Technische Hochschule Breslau (1910) – infrastructure


WroclawUniversity of Technology.

Technopolis & Bibliotech. ICT technologies

  • Technopolis
  • Bibliotech

Wroclaw University of Technology, Bibliotech,

Digital Library of XXI age. 2013

now we have in ict sector
Now we have in ICT sector …
  • Faculty of Electronics; over 50 years of tradition in ICT sector
  • Faculty of Computer Science and Management; over 40 years of tradition in IT sector
  • Faculty of Fundamental Problems of Technology; about 10 years of tradition in IT sector

Information & Communication Technologies of XXI age


new quality of life





space research


Earth exploration


permanent education

specialized medical equipment



global communication

stock exchange


faculty of electronics study programs research
Faculty of Electronics. Study programs & research.


  • Computer hardware
  • Computer networks
  • Server administration
  • Multimedia, computer graphics
  • Internetadvancedtechnologies
  • Security, dependability
  • Coding, encryption, certification
  • Software engineering
  • Microprocessors, microcontrollers and embeddedsystems
  • Data bases
  • Operating systems
  • Parallelprocessing
  • Medical computer engineering
  • Image processing
faculty of electronics study programs research1
Faculty of Electronics. Study programs & research.


  • Network administration
  • Network protection
  • Data transmission
  • Data processing
  • Electronic documents
  • E-marketing
  • E-learning
  • E-business
  • E-commerce
  • E-health
  • E-banking

Faculty of Electronics. Study programs & research.


  • Electronic equipment
  • Optocommunications (fibers, lasers), optotransmission
  • Speech recognition and synthesis
  • Signal processing
  • Diagnostic and gauge systems

Faculty of Electronics. Study programs & research.


  • Telecommunications: satelite, mobile, unicasting, broadcasting, …
  • Teleinformatic and telecommunication networks
  • Signal processing
  • TV/Radio
  • Transmission of data, image, sound
  • Electromagneticcompatibility
faculty of electronics study programs research2
Faculty of Electronics. Study programs & research.


  • Industrial computer engineering
  • Industrial computer networks
  • Microcontrollers
  • Gauge data acquisition and processing
  • Control algorithms
  • ERP/MRP/JIT/FMS systems
  • Digital control of processes and devices
  • Autonomous systems
  • Embedded systems
  • Control of intelligent mobile and manipulative robots
wut in ict human resources
WUT in ICT. Human resources.



  • 37 professors
  • 94 assistant professor
  • 55 lecturers and assistants
  • 5500+students
  • 1 000 - 1 200 graduates/year
  • 100+ Ph.D. students

* Computer science and engineering, teleinformatics, electronics, telecommunications, control engineering, robotics

wut in ict human resources1
WUT in ICT. Human resources.


  • 19 professors
  • 50 assistant professors
  • 2 500+ students (IT sector)
  • 300+ graduates/year (IT sector)
  • 40+ Ph.D. students


  • 25 professors
  • 50 assistant professors
  • 400+ students (IT sector)
  • 50+ graduates/year (IT sector)
  • 10+ Ph. D. students
certifications of education units accreditations
Certifications of education. Units accreditations.

Electronics Faculty

  • Automatic control and robotics outstanding evaluation (MSc, BSc - Eng) – PKA, also KAUT
  • Computer Science positive evaluation (MSc, BSc - Eng) – PKA, also KAUT
  • Electronics and Telecommunication positive evaluation (MSc, BSc - Eng) – PKA, also KAUT

Faculty of Computer Science and Management

  • Computer Science positive evaluation (MSc, BSc - Eng) – PKA, also KAUT

Faculty of Fundamental Problems of Technology

  • Computer Science positive evaluation (BSc - Eng) – PKA

PKA –The State Accreditation Committee

KAUT – Acreditation Committee of Technical Universities

ordered study on electronics faculty wut
Ordered study on Electronics Faculty WUT
  • 1st pilotage programme of the Polish Ministry of High Education and Science, called „ordered study”, was started in 2008 and implemented at WUT (lasted 3 years); study major: control and robotics,
  • 2nd edition of the programe of the Polish Ministry of High Education and Science, called „ordered study”, was started in 2010 (till 2013); study majors: computer engineering and control + robotics,
  • 3rd edition of the programe of the Polish Ministry of High Education and Science, so called „ordered study”, started in 2012 (till 2015), study majors: computer engineering and control + robotics (approx 1 mln €),
  • resources will be distributed on the students (scholarships) and spend to support additional educational programms aside from the normal courses, to prepare students better to labour market needs.
exemplary courses within the ordered study programme
Exemplary courses within the ordered study programme
  • additional courses widening the basis programme with the specialist problems tightly linked with ordered specialization (languages, form of classes, lectures or laboratories);
  • interships and traineships;
  • lectures held by the worldwide notriety science representants which researches are tightly linked with ordered specializations – outside seminars;
  • enriching the course offer with the e-laerning courses organized trips for the science and technology fairs;
  • organizing trips for the students and financing their participation in the International conferences devoted to the realized - organizing visits in the industry companies;

WUT. Faculty of Electronics. IT labs infrastructure

  • 58 IT laboratories scientific-research- educational
  • 2 laboratories with accreditation
  • WUT portal: science-research-services
achivements our students
Achivements. Our students …

Take part in the international contests,

just to mention a few:

  • December 2006 – 7th edition of the GLOBAL MANAGEMENT CHALLENGE EUROMANAGER POLAND 2006 contest – students of the Computer Science and Management in the top final
  • First Polish model of the face of an antropomorfic robot „Professor” created by the student of Automation and Robotics
  • February 2007- two students won in the prestigous international contest - Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA)- in design innovative and creative cell phone games in the class „best use of flash technology in the mobile phones”
  • Student teams from the Institute of Advanced Computer Science achieved first frontal positions at the 3rd edition of the Classy Explorer 2008 contest for compiling the web employees kiosk and the system of the big warehouse maintenance
  • Summer Workshops for students: Malaga University – WUT, in robotics, every year since 2011
  • 2nd place of sudents team in robotic competition The Freescale Cup 2013, Paris
our students
Our students…

Organize local and international conferences:

  • Student conference - IT Academic Day (in cooperation with Microsoft) – each year since 2007
  • Student conference IT Academic Day – organized by InterFaculty Student Science Circle „Grupa.NET” science circle „Horyzont” with Microsoft – each year since 2008
our students1
Our students …

Unite in around 100 Science Circles, just to mention few of those linked with IT branch:

  • ASI – academic informatics society
  • AASOC – Academy of altrernative Operation Systems
  • CHIP – student computer science circle
  • ISAA – informatic autonomic and adaptative systems
  • Solutions for the companies science circle
  • KNIO – Circle of software engineering
  • Artificial cognition and multiagent interaction
  • Advanced internet systems
  • Circle of software quality
  • .NET group

„You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can\'t get them across, your ideas won\'t get you anywhere”. Lee Iacocca 1924-, former CEO of Ford and famous for reviving the Chrysler brand

Our internal department of foreign languages offers over 11 different languages starting from English, through French, Spanish, Italian, etc. up to Japanese with the profiles and specializations fitted for the technical studies students needs. Just to mention few:

  • English can buy you work
  • Technical language
  • Einführung in die Fachsprache

der Technik

  • Culture et Civilisation de France
  • Żiwopis i russkaja architiektura.
external cooperation of the university
External cooperation of the University …
  • IBM – Academic Initiative, DB2 on Campus, I-series scholarships, E=mc2 practice
  • IBM - Centre of Advanced Study, Haifa IBM R&D, cloud computingfor education with NCU (North Carolina University)
  • Microtech – embedded systems, joint laboratory
  • Nokia Simens Network - lectures by company specialists
  • IT Volvo - lectures by company specialists
  • Nagler Company – high speed databases and information processing – lectures by company specialists
  • Capgemini – support for lectures in German for computer science students
  • IMG – cooperation for teaching of SAP methodology
  • Ministry of Interior and Administration – preparing concepts for e-government
ict fp eu programs electronics faculty wut
ICT FP EU Programs * Electronics Faculty * WUT
  • 5 FP EU Project LAVINYA, there was build laser wibrometer.
  • Since 1994, cooperation and research in group of COST (CO-operation Scientifique et Technique) Programs.
  • COST 291 (All Optical Digital Networks) there were developed femtosecond impulse fiberooptic comb lasers.
  • COST260, there was made research on confor-mal and broadband antennas.
  • TEMPUS SJEP „COHERENCE” + 4 PR EU INCO-COPERNICUS, new technologies of e-learning and multimedial education, cooperation with 20 EU centers
  • 2003-05, 5 FP EU, Project SAFERELNET, computer systems dependability and reliability
  • Since 2004, 6 FP EU, EURON, (excellence network, robotics)
  • 2006-2009, 6 FP UE, Project DESEREC, self-reconfigurable computer networks proof against attacks
  • 2008-2011, 7 FP EU, Project LIREC, Living with Robots and Interactive Companions,

R & D Cooperation

Center of Advance Technologies Motorola (USA), NATO (Hague), European Space Agency, EADS, Alcatel - Alenia Space, NASA, Boeing, Nokia, Intel, LG Electronics, Siemens, Northrop Grumman, Bell Labs, Texas Instruments, Chrysler, Siemens Poland, S3 Poland, Philips Poland, Dialog, Apator, Microsens Gmbh & Co KG, Ericsson, Saab-Ericsson Space, Flextronics, Sony-Ericsson, Philips, SSTL, ACTEL. Coordinated by NATO study on passive radars; protection against flying impercetible objects operating on low height. Polish partners and subjects: KGHM digital anlaysis od sejsmic and acustic signals in mines (ZG Rudna, HM Legnica, MCZ), systems of monitoring and quality control (HM Cedynia).

* * *


Infrastructure for innovations in Lower Silesia Region

  • CLUSTER - Knowledge and Innovation Community for Information and Communication Technologies”
  • Lower Silesia Centre of Advanced Technologies
  • Wrocław Centre of Technology Transfer
  • Center for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, WUT
  • Wrocław Technological Park
  • Centres of Excellence
  • Centre of Advanced Study
  • Wrocław Academic Incubator of Enterprise
  • Laboratories with accreditation (academic, environmental)
  • Other institution supporting transfer of technologies: Office of Protection of Intellectual Property and Patent Information, Office of Research Infrastructure, Research Services Office

WCSS mission

Wroclaw Centre for Networking and Supercomputing(WCSS) is an organizational unit of Wroclaw University of Technology.WCSS was founded in 1995.

Its main tasks are:

  • operation and development of the Wroclaw Academic Computer Network (WASK),
  • operation and development of high performance computing services,
  • cooperation with other supercomputing centres in Poland and Europe,
  • operation and development of network information services for all academic institutions in city of Wroclaw.
cluster ict objectives
Cluster ICT. Objectives
  • Cluster: Information and Communication Technologies,
  • Cooperation between science and industry,
  • Development and implementation of innovative IT and ICT technology,
  • Education for specialists in the area of modern information technology,
  • Integration of the educational, industrial and governmental bodies,
  • Acceleration of the social and economical development of Europe.
members of cluster ict
Members of Cluster ICT

Wroclaw University of Technology

( Cluster Coordinator )

and 70+


innovation companies,

local governmental bodies,

others ….





Steering committee

Colleges &








Companies &












WG = workgroups

Organisation structure of Cluster ICT

introducing ibm technologies in wut
Introducing IBM technologies in WUT
  • 2007 – agreementon Academic Initiative
  • 2008 – first recruitment for student internship
  • 2008 – „IBM Academic Initiative Program and Portal” (lecture for the faculty staff), Tomasz Rostkowski
  • 2008 –„Web 2.0 demos with DB2” (lecture for the students),
  • „DB2 on Campus” (discussion with the faculty representatives), Raul F. Chong
  • 2008 – second recruitment for the student internship
  • Since 2009: E=mc2, avarded virtual students summer practice
  • 2011, CAS (Centre of Advanced Study)
knowledge and usage of ict technologies and ibm technologies in wut
Knowledge and usage of ICT technologies and IBM technologies in WUT
  • Genaral knowledge about computer operations and PC (Windows 2000, XP, MS Office, e-mail) for the use of HelpDesk application and opearators;
  • course „Information Technologies" on the 1 semester on all all majors and all faculties accordingly to education standards (ECDL Driving licence)
  • Operating systems administrators: Linux, AIX, HP-UX, Sun-Solaris, OS/400 (i/OS), z-Series, Windows Server (advanced server 2000, 2003), VMWare
  • courses on servers on Faculty of Electronics, e.g. Unix, Linux, Windows, i/OS; similarly on other faculties with major Computer Science and Engineering
  • Administrators of databases: DB2, Oracle, MS SQL, Informix, Sybase
  • selected database courses on Faculty of Electronics, e.g. Oracle, Sybase,*
  • Administrators of mail systems - Domino Notes i Exchange
  • Have been presented on courses as an example
  • Tivoli specialists (Netview, Tivoli Storage Manager, Tivoli Monitoring,TEC.....)
  • Tivoli has been presented on courses as an example
  • Specialists for MS Management Systems Specjalistów (SMS, MOM)
  • Systems have not been used education, however our students are able to use it
  • Specialists for mass storage management (Storage Area Network, External DiskArrays
  • Systems have not been used education, however our students are able to use it
  • Mainframe programmers.
  • Software enginnering, programming technologies, are rich represented in courses on the Faculty
profile of the wut graduate
Profile of the WUT graduate
  • Familiar with programing lan- guages, softwares
  • Has got wide knowledge about directed use of computer science and ability to use different types of informatics systems of mana-gement
  • Open-minded, creative in thinking and operating
  • Working and much appreciated around the World and Europe, from Sweden to the United States
  • Stands out with the perfect knowledge of english language and basic communicational skills of at least another foreign language