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Reform Solutions for Education. Reform Your Business Platform. 2. The Concerns of Educational Organizations:. Availability and accessibility of student information Effective communication with students, parents, and staff Accuracy of test grading and reporting Controlling document costs

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The concerns of educational organizations
The Concerns of Educational Organizations:

  • Availability and accessibility of student information

  • Effective communication with students, parents, and staff

  • Accuracy of test grading and reporting

  • Controlling document costs

  • Security and Compliance Regulations

How reform pdc can help
How Reform PDC Can Help

  • Test Grading & Reporting - OMR BubbleSheet – Scantron Replacement

  • Monitor and control print activities

  • Automatic form distribution

  • Easy management of documents requiring notes or signatures

  • Seamless integration with information management systems

  • Simplified printing

  • Form and process management

  • Increased security

  • Transparent document approval processes

Automatic test grading reporting
Automatic Test Grading & Reporting

  • Print customized test bubble sheets populated with student information from the Ricoh MFP

  • Once completed tests are scanned, they are graded automatically.

  • Detailed grade reports are printed to the MFP, allowing teachers to analyze results and monitor student progress.

  • Integrates with electronic grade book applications

The bubblesheet process automatic distribution
The BubbleSheet Process: Automatic Distribution

  • All printed forms are tagged with a barcodes, associated with form data

  • Upon scanning, the document is automatically routed by using the document information tied to the barcode


Benefits of test grading solution
Benefits of Test Grading Solution

  • Simple, easy to use interface

  • Requires little training

  • Increases utilization of electronic grade books

  • Testing uniformity between schools, districts or grade levels

  • Simplified reporting by grade level, school and district

Monitor and control print activities
Monitor and Control Print Activities

Reform Tracker

  • Monitor and control the print activity of students and staff

  • Generate detailed document activity and cost reports.

  • Recapture document costs by charging for print jobs or copies made in school libraries or computer labs.

  • Allows organizations to significantly reduce costs and environmental impact.

Tracking options
Tracking Options

  • Reform Tracker Host – Monitors output creation on the HOST / LOB System

  • ReformTracker WS – Monitors usage per Workstation

  • ReformTracker PS – Monitors usage on the network Print Server

  • ReformTracker MFP – Monitors usage on the MFP

Accounting options
Accounting Options

Active Module – Reduce Expenses

  • Establish rules for user and device use

  • Limit the number of pages allowed per user, restrict color use, block and allow machine use for particular jobs, and more

  • Employ least cost routing - redirects prints to the most efficient device for the job

  • Reduces costs and environmental impact

Effortless form management
Effortless Form Management


  • Difficult for administrative staff to manage high volumes of product paperwork.

  • Using pre-printed forms is costly and requires frequent maintenance.

  • Distributing forms manually is inefficient and unreliable.

  • Reform streamlines form management by automating forms creation, distribution, and archiving.

  • Reform can generate admissions, registration, financial aid and application forms, as well as student records, transcripts, invoices, and more

Reform form management solution
Reform – Form Management Solution




Form Management Solution Workflow

  • An invoice is printed from the user’s host application.

  • A copy of the invoice is automatically distributed to the student, the accounting dept, and the electronic archive system.





Easy management of documents requiring notes or signatures
Easy Management of Documents Requiring Notes or Signatures


  • Tag Doc tags forms requiring notes or signatures with a barcode.

  • Barcode is associated with information on the document – student name, ID, teacher name, etc.

  • Upon scanning, the barcode is recognized and the document is archived or routed for further processing.

Reform tag doc solution
Reform – Tag Doc Solution


Tag Doc Solution Workflow

  • Print form with Tag Doc barcode.

  • Student or parent signs form.

  • Form is scanned and archived and indexed with other related files.

Archive System

Tag Doc Barcode

Customer Signature

John Smith

Reform tag doc solution1
Reform – Tag Doc Solution


Tag Doc Solution Workflow

  • Print form with Tag Doc barcode.

  • Student or parent signs test.

  • Test is scanned and archived and indexed with other related files.

Archive System

Student / Parent Signature

Tag Doc Barcode

John Smith

Seamless integration with information management systems
Seamless Integration with Information Management Systems

Modular Object Scanning Technology (MOST)

  • Seamlessly integrate paper based and electronic workflows with MOST.

  • Integrates with major archive systems, enterprise fax systems, billing systems, for on-demand access to information.

  • Documents can be scanned and delivered to the appropriate destinations.

  • Students can log-in using their student ID and card authentication system for enhanced security.

  • School can integrate with school analytics software

Reform most solution
Reform – MOST Solution


MOST Scanning SolutionWorkflow

  • Paper is loaded into document feeder

  • User selects function (Email, fax, archive, form filler, print, etc.)

  • User enters information

  • Select Process – jobs are processed and sent




Form management
Form Management

  • Access and fill in forms, on-demand, right from the Ricoh MFP control panel.

  • Forms are stored in one central location, guaranteeing that the same forms are being used company-wide

  • Lookup client information and use it to automatically fill in the form fields. Details can also be entered manually.

Security authentication
Security & Authentication

  • MOST communicates real time with LDAP and Active Directory servers to authorize users.

  • Based on users login:

    • MFP usage can be tracked

    • MOST Features & Functions can be restricted

      Card authentication

  • Allow companies to leverage their exiting cards

  • No IT support required

    • Users easily maintain their own passwords

Secure printing
Secure Printing


  • Documents can be printed and released at any network connected MFP.

  • Scanned images can be printed to other MFPs on the network.

  • Supports unlimited number of devices and users.

  • Documents use encryption, chunking and checksum to insure document delivery.


Access from any network MFP

Print to me mobile
Print To Me Mobile

  • “Cloud” based Printing

  • User sends print job as attachment to predefined company Email address

    [email protected]<>

  • Reform polls Email Inbox and sends confirmation Email to sender with unique PID code.

  • User releases print job from ANY device with information received

Transparent document approval processes
Transparent Document Approval Processes

Document Authority Control (DAC)

  • Internal paperwork, applications, financial documentation, enrollment forms, etc. may need to be reviewed by various individuals in the organization.

  • Document Authority Control (DAC) automates document approval processes.

  • Documents can be viewed, approved, or revised, and then automatically sent to the next recipient.

Document authority control
Document Authority Control

  • Provides administration control over critical document processes.

  • Allows companies to review, authorize or collaborate on important documents.

  • Organizations can supervise and regulate the progress of vital document procedures

  • Enables control over financial transactions, legal communications, operations, and more.

Reform dac solution
Reform – DAC Solution

DAC Document Approval Workflow

  • DAC notifies user of awaiting document

  • User views and approves document from the DAC web interface

  • Document continues to the next approver

  • Fully approved documents is distributed




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