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Holy Orders. priesthood & Priesthood . Common priesthood of the faithful All the baptized are initiated Christ’s life, death, and resurrection. Through baptism, all are called to a life of faith, hope, and love. Ministerial priesthood

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Priesthood priesthood
priesthood & Priesthood

  • Common priesthood of the faithful

    • All the baptized are initiated Christ’s life, death, and resurrection.

    • Through baptism, all are called to a life of faith, hope, and love.

  • Ministerial priesthood

    • Given sacred power through Holy Orders to help all live their baptismal call.

Origins of ordination
Origins of Ordination

  • Order – groupings in Roman society of various states in life

    • Virgins, spouses, widows catechumens

  • Ordination – ritual though which a man becomes a bishop, priest or deacon

  • Old Testament

    • Tribe of Levi was set apart for sacrifice and worship for Israel.

  • “In Persona Christi”

    • Priest makes present and visible Christ on earth.

    • Consecratio – set apart for leadership in the Church.

    • Priest is human (fallible), but Sacraments are always effective.

    • Christ is the true priest, measure of an ministerial priest.

For thursday
For Thursday

  • Read Article 43 in the Textbook

  • Read from the Catechism 1572-1580

  • Know your role (and perform it)!

Ministerial priesthood
Ministerial Priesthood

  • Uniqueness of ministerial priesthood

    • commitment to serve entire Church

  • All Christians live a life of grace in union with Christ.

    • Ordained are not more important or holier than laypeople

    • Devote life to leading others to Christ through Body of Christ

  • Sins & imperfections of minister do not impede the sacramental grace

    • Bishops & Priests lead the Church through:

      • Teaching Word of God

      • Offering divine worship

      • Governing the Church.

Reflections on the priesthood
Reflections on the Priesthood

  • Romero quote – pg. 229

    • Importance of priests

  • John Henry Newman prayer – pg. 230

    • Discernment


  • Who can ordain?

    • Validly ordained bishops can ordain priests

    • Apostolic Succession

  • Who can be ordained?

    • Baptized men

      • Follows choice of Jesus choosing 12 apostles

      • “In persona Christi”

      • Married to the Church, which is the Bride of Christ

      • Celebacy – Total self gift to God and the Church

        • "for the sake of the kingdom of heaven.“ (Paul’s letters)

        • Consecrated with undivided heart to God and fellow Christians

East west differences
East – West differences

  • East – married men can be ordained to the priesthood

  • East – Bishops are chosen from unmarried men

  • East and West – once ordained, men cannot get married

Three degrees of ordination
Three degrees of ordination

  • Episcopate (Bishop)

    • Fullness of Holy Orders (full apostolic succession &all Sacraments); approved by Pope

  • Presbyterate (Priest)

    • Coworker of bishop authorized to act in persona Christi

    • Presbyterium – body of priests in a diocese that help & advise the Bishop.

  • Diaconate (Deacon)

    • Service and ministry of assisting the bishops and priests

    • Two types – transitional & permanent

Symbols of ordination
Symbols of ordination

  • Bishop (anointed on head with Sacred Chrism Oil):

    • Book of Gospels – sign of authority to teach & proclaim Gospel

    • Ring – sign of fidelity to the Church

    • Crosier – sign of call to model leadership after Jesus

    • Mitre – sign of authority

  • Priest (anointed on hands with Sacred Chrism Oil):

    • Paten and Chalice – sign of role in leading the Eucharist

  • Deacon (no anointing)

    • Book of Gospels – sign of call to read and preach the Gospel.

Essential rite of ordination
Essential Rite of Ordination

  • Laying on of hands & consecration prayer.

  • Leaves an indelible spiritual character.

For friday
For Friday

  • Read Article 45 in the Textbook

  • Read from the Catechism

  • Know your role (and perform it)!

Graces of the sacrament
Graces of the Sacrament

  • Grace of strength to do what is not humanly possible: serve as Christ’s instrument.

  • Grace of configuration to Christ: to fulfill the ministry of Christ

    • Grace requires cooperation: must live and act in accordance with their call to share in Christ’s mission.

    • A priest can be released or forbidden from obligation of ministry, but never returns to the lay state.