Kuwait economy and way of life before after the discovery of oil
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Kuwait Economy and Way of Life before & after the Discovery of Oil PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kuwait Economy and Way of Life before & after the Discovery of Oil . By Fajer AlAbdulrazaq and Ala’a AlMulla Kuwait University ELU-Science College English 090/60. Kuwait Pearl diving.

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Kuwait Economy and Way of Life before & after the Discovery of Oil

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Kuwait Economy and Way of Life before & after the Discovery of Oil


FajerAlAbdulrazaq and Ala’aAlMulla

Kuwait University

ELU-Science College

English 090/60

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Kuwait Pearl diving

Before discovering oil in Kuwait, Kuwaiti people jobs were passed on diving for pearls, cattle, and abroad commerce. Kuwaiti people lived a very poor live but a peaceful one thought.

The sea is the primary source of livelihood for them because the desert environment was very poor for that Kuwaitis are used in the past in search of pearl diving .

Pearl Diving was one of the main occupations of Kuwaiti people in the early days and before the oil was discovered.

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Pearl diving

Pearling proved to be very beneficial for the economy of Kuwait in the past.

Pearl Diving has become an integral part of the Kuwaiti culture.

Pearling was a major source of wealth.

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Kuwait Trading and fishing

Fifty years ago Kuwait was self sufficient in marine foods and despite a 20-fold increase in population, fishing still provides 50% of the country’s seafood requirements.

Kuwaiti merchants would sail to distant locations in locally built sailing dhows.

Many were involved in pearl diving, boat building and general trading.

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Kuwait after the Discovery of Oil

The first oil concession was granted in 1936 by Sheikh Ahmad (1921-1950), a shrewd negotiator, who obtained terms which were more generous than those obtained by other less independent states in the region. Oil was first discovered in Burgan in 1938. As oil exports increased Ahmadi, named after the Emir, was created near the oil fields as a township for oil company personnel.

In the 1950's & 60's, A modern infrastructure rose from the arid desert as roads, ports, factories, power generating stations, and desalination plants came into being. The boom continued as new mosques, clinics, hospitals, schools, markets, supermarkets, houses and villas were built.

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Kuwait after the discovery of Oil

  • The population increased as thousands of foreign technicians, advisors and workers arrived to service the huge development schemes.

  • Many Kuwaitis, members of a privileged minority, found themselves in new roles as importers, contractors, landlords, and government officials. Government's role in the economy and administration naturally increased under the impact of the new wealth and development.

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