A guide to neighborcircles at lawrence communityworks
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A Guide to NeighborCircles at Lawrence CommunityWorks PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Guide to NeighborCircles at Lawrence CommunityWorks. Alma Couverthie , Presenter Audrey Jordan, Co-presenter October 26, 2010 GRGM Webinar. Welcome!. Agenda. NeighborCircles-Overview 1 st Dinner Lunch- Conversation with NeighborCircle hosts and facilitators 2 nd Dinner

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A Guide to NeighborCircles at Lawrence CommunityWorks

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A Guide to NeighborCircles at Lawrence CommunityWorks

Alma Couverthie, Presenter

Audrey Jordan, Co-presenter

October 26, 2010

GRGM Webinar



  • NeighborCircles-Overview

  • 1st Dinner

  • Lunch- Conversation with NeighborCircle hosts and facilitators

  • 2nd Dinner

  • 3rd Dinner

  • Next Steps

Desired outcomes

Quick Guide to NeighborCircles

What is a NeighborCircle?

  • 3 dinners where neighbors get to:

    • Know each other

    • Talk about the quality of life in the neighborhood, and

    • If the group wants, plan a small action or event that can help make and strengthen new relationships, while addressing an issue that the neighbors care about.

What a NeighborCircle is not

  • A neighborhood association/club/crime watch generator-form follows function

  • A project/activity generator

  • A strategy to deliver an already set agenda - NeighborCircles is the process and participants put the content

Why we do NeighborCircles?

  • To rebuild the fabric of our communities

  • To connect and support each other

  • To identify leaders or potential leaders

  • To make friends

  • To act together around a common purpose

  • To have fun!

Who is a NeighborCircle?

  • The Facilitator

  • The Host

  • The Neighbors

  • The Organizer

Getting ready


  • Recruits and trains Facilitators and Hosts.

  • Secure the necessary equipment.

  • Meets with Organizer and Facilitator to set date and prepare logistics.


  • Invite neighbors.

  • Send reminders or do reminder calls.

  • Set up the room (with Facilitators help.)

  • Prepare light appetizers.

Getting ready (cont)


Works with the Organizer to identify and recruit hosts.

Work with Host to recruit participants.

Helps host get ready to host.


Showing up and being present!

1st. Dinner

  • Welcome

  • Logistics

  • Map exercise

  • Food, fun, good conversation

  • Assign “homework” for next dinner

Prepare for 2nd Dinner

  • Debrief with Facilitator, Host and Organizer

  • Do reminder calls

  • Prepare for dinner (or potluck)

2nd Dinner

  • Welcome

  • Review of last dinner

  • Brainstorming activity

  • Good discussion about quality of life

  • Find common ground

  • If the group wants, decide on an issue to work together to be planed at the third dinner (or they can plan a social activity)

    • Issue should be very specific

    • The group can do something to address it

    • Can be done in a short period of time

    • The group has, or can identify where to find resources.


Consensus means finding a proposal or solution that everyone is willing to support, even if they don’t agree with it.

Consensus is not a unanimous vote

“It isn’t exactly what I want but I can live with the decision and support it.”

Prepare for 3rd dinner

  • Debrief with Facilitator, Host, and Organizer

  • If there is willingness from the group to continue, review issues identified by the group as possible action items

  • Look for information of resources that may help the group

  • Do reminder calls

  • Prepare for dinner or potluck

3rd Dinner

  • Welcome

  • Object exercise

  • Review notes from last dinner

  • Smaller groups develop an action plan

  • Groups come back together, present and choose the best option.

  • Set next steps

  • Celebrate new friendships and pledge to continue the relationships


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