1 st period happy friday
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1 st Period – Happy Friday!

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1 st Period – Happy Friday! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1 st Period – Happy Friday!. Virginia : Garland , Lissee , Jesse, Kevy , Hunter Georgia : Jonathan , Germashia , Mac, Katie, Jasmine, Carlos Maryland : Falan , Ashlyn, Sara, Rachel, Victoria New York : Lydia , Meghan, Xenia, Jordan, Trey

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1 st period happy friday
1stPeriod – Happy Friday!

Virginia: Garland, Lissee, Jesse, Kevy, Hunter

Georgia: Jonathan, Germashia, Mac, Katie, Jasmine, Carlos

Maryland: Falan, Ashlyn, Sara, Rachel, Victoria

New York: Lydia, Meghan, Xenia, Jordan, Trey

Pennsylvania: Alexandra, Ashley P., Drew, Rubi, Kaily

2 nd period happy friday
2ndPeriod - Happy Friday!

Virginia: Christian, Julianne, Zac, Colton, Frank

Georgia: Lydia, Cameryn, Conner, Sadie, Katelyn

Maryland: JC, Wlodyga, Faith, Bradley, Lindsey

New York: Riley, Alijah, Azariah, Dimitri

Pennsylvania: Caroline, Miranda, Camille, Stephen

3 rd period happy friday
3rdPeriod - Happy Friday!

Virginia: Gracie, Katy, Kaylee, Jesus, Jessica, Riley

Georgia: Christine, Heidi, Philip, Matt, Nolen, Ryan

Maryland: Jimmy, Jordan P., Alex, Anna M., Gavin

New York: Bryant, James, Emily W., Anna P., Jalexia, Katie

Pennsylvania: Nathan, Emily N., Jordan W., Zac, Brady, Yantasia

4 th period work on project before lunch
4th Period – Work on project before lunch

Virginia: Justin, Kasey, Mackensie, Brandon

Georgia: Ethan, Ulysses, Kinly, Derrick

Maryland: Austin, Chase, Farrah, Will, Brooke

New York: Nicholas, Dani, Jordyn, Attallah, Taliyah

Pennsylvania: Kelly, Caleb R., Rachel, Garrett, Caleb N.

5 th period happy friday
5thPeriod - Happy Friday!

Virginia: Austin, Shai, Mikyla, Katie, Ashley, Kailyn

Georgia: Gracie, Brandon, Hannah, Kaderica, Lindsey

Maryland: Emma F., Nikki, Samuel, Abby, Paola

New York: Alex, Haley, Laura, Cesar, Cailan

Pennsylvania: Brittney, Jamon, Aerial, Emma S., Giselle


Each group has been assigned two of the following battles…

  • Virginia  Second Battle of Bull Run & Battle of Antietam
  • Pennsylvania  Battle of Fredericksburg & Battle of Stones River
  • Georgia  Battle of Chancellorsville & Siege of Vicksburg
  • New York  Battle of Gettysburg & Battle of the Wilderness
  • Maryland  Battle of Atlanta & Battle of Franklin
instructions continued
Instructions continued…
  • YOU WILL TEACH THE CLASS so it is important to do your best on both posters! Remember, these battles will be on your test.
  • Each group must provide the following critical facts:
    • Dates of the battle
    • Confederate Commander(s) and Union Commander(s)
    • Which side won
    • Number of total causalities – also split them between the two sides
    • Significance of the battle overall
    • One interesting fact per person in your group
    • Each person must provide a minimum of 2 facts per battle