Moringa oleifera Der Wunderbaum

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Why do we call Moringa oleifera a miracle tree?. First, because of its nutritional properties. The leaves contain VitaminsProteinMinerals. Moringa leaves contain. . Source: Trees for Life Moringa oleifera contains. Source: Fuglie, Lowell J., ed. The Miracle Tree: Moringa oleifera: Natural Nutrition for the Tropics. Training Manual. 2001. Church World Service, Dakar, Senegal. < miracletree.html>, May 2002. .

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Moringa oleifera Der Wunderbaum

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1. Moringa oleifera Der Wunderbaum

2. Why do we call Moringa oleifera a miracle tree?

3. First, because of its nutritional properties The leaves contain Vitamins Protein Minerals

4. Moringa leaves contain

5. Moringa oleifera contains

6. Moringa oleifera: Minerals

7. Moringa oleifera: Vitamins

8. Essential Amino Acids

9. Moringa leaf powder How do we make moringa leaf powder?? Pick the leaves. Wash them in salt water and then again in fresh water. Dry them in the shade.

10. Moringa leaf powder 4. When they are completely dry, pound them. 5. Rub them through a sieve.

11. Moringa leaf powder 6. Store in labelled jars or bags and keep in a dry, dark place.

12. Moringa leaf powder Then it is ready for use

13. Use moringa leaf powder especially with undernourished children pregnant women breast feeding mothers AIDS Patients

14. And how? Mix one heaped teaspoonful three times a day into the food. Simple!

15. Side effects All are positive! For example: Diarrhoea ceases. Fungal infections on the skin disappear. Diabetes is stabilised. Anaemia improves. Tummy problems are helped.

16. One may also use the flowers As tea to treat colds. In omelettes they taste like mushrooms. Caution: flowers may prevent conception, and if used during pregnancy they may cause abortion

17. And also the pods

18. Also use with HIV/AIDS Patients

19. Use moringa to purify water For 20 litres of water one needs 10 seeds

20. Procedure 1. Remove the shells. 2. Pound the white seeds. 3. Put the pounded seeds into a soda bottle with a little clean water and shake vigorously for 5 minutes.

21. 4. Pour through a sieve

22. 5. Stir slowly for 15 minutes

23. In Kendu Bay, on the shores of Lake Victoria it really was like a miracle. Heavy rains had caused the lake water to turn brown. After using moringa seeds, we could drink tea made with lake water and taste the tea!

24. Almost every part is useful Leaves Flowers Seeds Roots Pods

25. Where does this tree grow? In tropical and sub-tropical semi-arid climates up to a height of about 1500 m. Where the rainfall lies between 250 and 3000 mm per year On light clay or sandy soils. Even where droughts occur And even where short term flooding occurs.

26. Everyone should plant many moringa trees! Sow the seeds in good earth

27. Set up a nursery! like here in Bassar, Togo

28. Make a hedge, or a plantation Transplant into good earth in a large hole. Put a lot of compost in the hole and then cover the ground with mulch.

29. Constantly trim the branches! in order to produce the maximum amount of leaves and seeds! In tropical climates the trees can be cut back 7 or 8 times a year. In a plantation one can produce up to 120 tons of dry leaves per hectare and year! Source: Prof. Dr. K. Becker, University of Stuttgart-Hohenheim

30. Can you now believe that Moringa oleifera is a miracle tree?

31. Moringa stenopetala

32. Moringa stenopetala is also used as a vegetable. The tree is bigger than M. oleifera leaves, pods, seeds, everything. But it has not been so thoroughly researched.


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