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Utah Emergency Medical Services for Children Program (EMSC). What is EMSC ?. Every state in the USA has an EMSC program. It is a federal grant jointly administered by: Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA) Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB)

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What is emsc
What is EMSC ?

Every state in the USA has an EMSC program.

It is a federal grant jointly administered by:

  • Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA)

  • Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB)

  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

Utah emsc program s goal
Utah EMSC Program’s Goal

Promote an integrated EMS and Trauma Response system to reduce the morbidity and mortality of Utah’s and the Intermountain region’s pediatric population by working in partnership to 1) promote and support injury prevention, 2) deliver culturally competent training, and 3) conduct performance improvement activities for communities and health care providers.

A Public - Private Partnership

Primary Children’s

Medical Center

Utah Bureau of Emergency

Medical Services

Utah Emergency Medical Services for Children Program

Emergency Medical Services

for Children

Advisory Committee

Utah Emergency Medical Services for Children Staff

  • April Larsen RN Sharon Chow MSN Jolene Whitney MPA

    Bureau of EMS Primary Children’s Medical Center Bureau of EMS

    EMSC Program Manager Partnership LeadershipPartnership Leadership

  • Dr. Hallie Keller MPH, EMSC Medical Director

  • Tia Dalrymple RN, BSN EMSC Pediatric Education Nurse

  • Chuck Cruz RN, PM EMSC Pediatric Preparedness Nurse

  • Andy Ostler PM, Lead EMSC Course Coordinator

  • Mauricio Melendez EMSC Family Representative

  • 44 EMSC Coordinators: Teach pediatric education to EMS Providers statewide.

  • Irene Petrogeorge, Support Services

What does utah emsc s program do
What Does Utah EMSC’s Program Do?

  • Prehospital Provider Education

  • Injury Prevention Programs

  • Provision of Pediatric Equipment

  • Statewide Needs Assessments

  • CSHCN Programs

  • National Performance Measures

  • Pediatric Strike Teams

  • Conference Support

Prehospital provider education
Prehospital Provider Education

  • Free PEPP classes

  • PALS classes

  • Free CME presentations

  • Free Broselow training

  • Free pediatric immobilization training

  • Free pediatric respiratory emergency training

Injury prevention programs
Injury Prevention Programs

  • Bike Rodeo: 10,629 participants, 43 rodeos

  • SAFE Kids

  • Teen Driver Safety

  • What To Do When Every

    Minute Counts Program

  • Buckle Tough

Injury Prevention: Buckle Tough

  • Buckle Tough Booth: Thank you Grand County High School!

  • Movie Theater Spot

  • Buckle Tough Banner

  • Buckle Tough Key Chains

  • Buckle Tough Window Clings

  • Buckle Tough Education Card

Provision of pediatric equipment on ambulances
Provision of Pediatric Equipment on Ambulances

  • Broselow Equipment & Training Program (EMSC & BT Program): Placed 78 Broselow Systems and 20 Broselow Tapes on rural ambulances (2006 / 2007).

  • Pediatric Backboard & Training Program (EMSC & BT Program): Funding received to place a pediatric backboard on every ambulance in the state (2007).

Statewide needs assessment
Statewide Needs Assessment

In 2006, EMSC surveyed 624 EMS Providers to determine what they felt the needs for EMSC are and to determine their pediatric education needs.

Results posted on EMSC website:



A regional alliance that promotes the improvement of the entire continuum of emergency medical services for children, recognizing common demographic and topographic characteristics and challenges of the intermountain region.

IRECC accomplishes its mission through enhanced communication, technical assistance,and with data-driven development, implementation, and evaluation of programs or continuous quality improvement and research, training and prevention.

Family-Centered Care

The goal of family-centered care is to achieve the best possible outcome for children, and all other patients, through mutually beneficial collaboration of health care professionals and family members.

National Performance Measures

  • Pediatric Representation on EMS Board: Met

  • Pediatric CME Requirements for BLS & AlS Providers : Met

  • Hospitals Recognized for Pediatric Emergencies: Met

  • Advisory Committee: Met

  • State Funded Full time FTE: Met

  • Pediatric Transfer Agreement and Guidelines: Met

  • Pediatric equipment (AAP list) on ambulances: Met

  • Integrated into EMS statutes and regulations: Met

  • On-line & Off-line Medical Direction: Met

Cshcn programs
CSHCN Programs

  • Emergency Health Information Sheet for CSHCN: A standardized way to provide EMS with critical health information for a child with special health care needs

  • Technology Assisted Children Letter: Notifications sent to EMS Agency to alert them that a CSHCN lives in their area.

Pediatric Strike Team:Team Members

  • Four Teams

  • 12 members on each team

    • 3 Pediatric Physicians or NPs/PAs

    • 3 Pediatric Registered Nurses

    • 3 EMT-IA or Paramedics

    • 3 EMT-Is

      • From these members each team has a Strike Team Leader and an Assistant Strike Team Leader

Conference support
Conference Support

Transport EMS Conference & Workshop:

Provision of 45 scholarships for EMS personnel to attend pre-conference free of charge.

How do i get an emsc class or program in my area
How Do I Get An EMSC Class Or Program In My Area?

There are 44 EMSC Coordinators statewide to meet your pediatric educational needs.