Preparation planning your deployment
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Preparation & planning your deployment PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Preparation & planning your deployment. Richard Smith Senior Consultant – Management, Operations and Deployment Microsoft UK. Agenda. Agenda for the Day and Introductions Common Deployment Project Activities Weapons of Mass Deployment The Deployment Landscape Other Deployment Options.

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Preparation & planning your deployment

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Preparation planning your deployment

Preparation & planning your deployment

Richard Smith

Senior Consultant – Management, Operations and Deployment

Microsoft UK



  • Agenda for the Day and Introductions

  • Common Deployment Project Activities

  • Weapons of Mass Deployment

  • The Deployment Landscape

  • Other Deployment Options



Text Microsoftto 60300


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Agenda for the day

Agenda for the Day

Today s speakers

Today’s Speakers

Desktop pain points

Desktop Pain Points

Preparation planning your deployment

What hardware do I need to replace?

Are my applications compatible with the new OS?

How do I plan my deployment project?

How do I get to a standard OS image?

How do I migrate data and settings?

How do I avoid spending time at the computers receiving the upgrade?

Where do I find guidance for desktop and server deployment?

Evolving customer needs

Evolving Customer Needs


volumes of data




Increased Focus on Compliance

Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, Basel II

CIA/FBI Report, 2005

High Costs of Gathering InformationUp to $14K annual opportunitycost per user for inefficient data searchIDC

Dramatically Increased Security breaches

~95 million records containing sensitive personal information involved insecurity breaches since  Feb 2005

End Users

IT Pros

Mobile PCs yield positive ROIMobile users work on average 3.2 hours per week more than desktop usersGartner, Forrester

High Costs to Deploy and Manage PCs$200-$1,300 annual IT labor costs/PCGartner / IDC

HW mix shifting

to laptops

Increased emphasis on manageability to lower cost, increase agility

Corporate knowledge assets at riskOver 600K laptops lost in US in 2005; 80% of companies’ data on user PCsSafeware Insurance

Common deployment project activities

Common Deployment Project Activities



Compatibility Testing

  • Project kickoff

Image Lifecycle Administration Guide

Post deployment Assistance

Project Closeout

Application Management workshop

Inventory Collection

Compatibility Remediation

Test summary Documentation

Vision & Scope

Application Assessment

Application Packaging / Sequencing

Pilot Deployment

Project Plan

Client Design

Microsoft Office

Files Conversion

Deployment Infrastructure Design

Image Creation

Solution Definition Workshop

Create Solution Administration Guide

Proof of Concept

Conduct IT Professional Training

Discovery & Assessment

Image Testing

Test Plans

Configuration and Operations Testing

End User Training Plan

Weapons of mass deployment

Weapons of Mass Deployment

  • MDT 2010

  • WAIK 2.0

  • WinPE 3.0

  • Windows SIM

  • WIM Format

  • Workbench

  • ACT 5.5 (Shim DB)

  • OCT

  • USMT 4

  • APPV 4.6

  • OEM Builds

  • Media Builds

  • Windows DS

  • Lite Touch

  • Zero Touch

  • ConfigMgr

  • Service Mgr

  • MDT 2010

  • ACT 5.5

  • MAP 4/5

  • OMPM


  • ConfigMgr

  • SMS

  • Security Guides

  • Offline Service

  • ConfigMgr

  • OpsMgr

  • DEM

  • Windows DS

  • DFS/R

  • MDOP

The deployment landscape

The Deployment Landscape

Preparation planning your deployment

Image Engineering

  • Image Engineering for Windows Vista

  • Image Engineering for Windows 7

Deployment tools image engineering windows vista

Deployment Tools > Image Engineering > WindowsVista

Deployment tools image engineering windows 7

Deployment Tools > Image Engineering > Windows 7

Preparation planning your deployment

  • Image Deployment

  • LTI deployment with MDT 2010

  • Unattended deployment with Windows Deployment Services

  • ZTI deployment with System Center Configuration Manager SP2

Deployment tools image deployment

Deployment Tools > Image Deployment

MDT 2010

  • Includes Support for Windows 7

  • Includes Support for USMT 4.0

  • Includes Support for WAIK 2.0 / Win PE 3.0

  • Includes Support for servicing using DISM

  • Most of the functionality is very similar to MDT 2008

Deployment tools image deployment1

Deployment Tools > Image Deployment

Windows Deployment Services

  • Dynamic Driver Provisioning with Driver Groups

  • Multiple Stream Multi-cast transfer

  • Authorisation for machine Build

  • Automation of Windows DS client and OS install

Preparation planning your deployment

WDS - Dynamic Driver Provisioning

  • Allows machines being deployed through the WDS Client to get only the drivers they need.

  • Details:

    • Driver repository resides on the server

    • Drivers are outside the image

    • Correct drivers selected for each client at deploy time (by PnP enumeration)

    • Server policy restricts drivers based on OS image and BIOS information

Deployment Tools > Image Deployment > WDS

Deployment tools image deployment2

System Center Configuration Manager SP2

Deployment Tools > Image Deployment

  • Supports Windows 7 Zero Touch Installation

    • OS deployment

    • Driver management

    • Offline servicing

    • Application package installation

    • Support for Binary Delta Replication (available previously with R2)

    • Support for unknown computers

    • Support for BranchCache

Preparation planning your deployment

Application Lifecycle

  • Application Compatibility with Windows Vista

  • Application Compatibility with Windows 7

  • ACT 5.5/5.6

  • Internet Explorer Application Compatibility

  • Applocker

Deployment tools app compatibility windows vista

Challenges with Windows Vista

Deployment Tools > App Compatibility > Windows Vista

  • Deep changes with security model

  • Deep changes with drivers and service architecture

  • Not enough granularity with control

Deployment tools app compatibility windows 7

Application Compatibility Improvements

Deployment Tools > App Compatibility >Windows 7

  • Few changes over Vista

  • Problem Steps Recorder – record issues and send feedback

  • If it does not works with Vista, it will probably NOT work with Win 7

  • ACT 5.5 – support for Vista SP2, Win 7, IE8

Deployment tools app compatibility windows 71

ACT 5.5/5.6

Deployment Tools > App Compatibility >Windows 7

  • Deprecation compatibility for Windows 7

  • Support for Windows update compatibility manifests for Windows Vista with Service Pack 2 (SP2) and Windows 7 Beta

  • Compatibility information from the Windows Compatibility Center

  • Review of data before synchronizing with Microsoft

  • Filtering on specific operating system

  • Participation in the Customer Experience Program

  • Standard User Analyzer (SUA) tool, with AppVerifier 4.0

  • Internet Explorer Compatibility Evaluator (IECE) replaced by Internet Explorer Compatibility Test Tool (IECTT)

Deployment tools app compatibility ie 7

IE7 Challenges

Deployment Tools > App Compatibility >IE 7

  • Standards Compatibility to HTML DOM and W3C specifications was a sharp change

  • To avoid app compat issues, “Standards” were not as well-defined as they should have been

  • Various bugs with running pages in compatibility mode

Deployment tools app compatibility ie 8

IE 8 App Compat Improvements

Deployment Tools > App Compatibility >IE 8

  • X-UA Tag for Quirks mode or EmulateIE7

  • Intranet pages default to EmulateIE7

  • User can choose Compatibility Mode

  • Strict adherence to HTML DOM and W3C standards

Deployment tools application lifecycle

  • AppLocker

Deployment Tools > Application Lifecycle

  • Enhancements over software restriction policies (SRP)

    • SRP used Hash or Path rules – hard to manage and maintain

    • Limited testing support

    • No auto generation

  • Auto generate rules based on a reference machine

  • Preparation planning your deployment

    User State

    • Migration Challenges

    • USMT 4.0

    Deployment tools user state windows vista usmt 3 0 1

    Deployment Tools > User State > Windows Vista > USMT 3.0.1

    Migration Challenges

    • Space requirements meant local capture was often not feasible

    • Required Domain connectivity to migrate Domain Profiles

    • Difficult rule combinations to migrate documents

    Deployment tools user state win 7 usmt 4 0

    Deployment Tools > User State > Win 7 > USMT 4.0

    USMT 4.0

    • Hardlink migration

    • Offline Migration in WinPE

    • Streamlined Windows.Old folder andDocument Finder

    • VSS and AES support

    • Now included in the WAIK download

    Preparation planning your deployment


    • Security Challenges

    • BitLocker Drive Encryption

    Deployment tools security windows vista

    Deployment Tools > Security > Windows Vista

    Security Challenges

    • Adding BitLocker after the fact required re-partitioning

    • No way to protect removable media

    • UAC was not granular enough

    Preparation planning your deployment

    BitLocker Drive Encryption

    • Deployments of Windows 7 pre-provision BitLocker partition by default

    • BitLocker To Goprotects removable media

    • Fully controlled via Group Policy

    Deployment Tools > Security > Windows 7

    Deployment tools security

    Deployment Tools > Security

    The Evolving Desktop


    • New UAC Control Panel

    • Six Admin Prompt Levels

      • Elevate without prompting

      • Prompt credentials on secure desktop

      • Prompt consent on the secure desktop

      • Prompt credentials without secure desktop

      • Prompt consent without secure desktop

      • Prompt for consent for non-windows signed binaries (this is the “Allow certain Windows signed binaries to elevate silently”)

    • Three Standard User Prompt Levels

      • Automatically deny elevation requests

      • Prompt for credentials on the secure desktop

      • Prompt for credentials without the secure desktop

      • Mandate the use of encryption with Group Policies

    Preparation planning your deployment


    Other Deployment Solutions


    • User State Virtualisation

    • Application

    • Virtualisation


    • Client-hosted desktop virtualization

    • Session Based Desktop

    • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

    Preparation planning your deployment

    Additional Technical Detail

    Local Execution

    (User PC)

    Central Execution


    • User State Virtualization & Deployment

    Data Layer

    Windows Roaming User Profile

    • Client Side Catching

    • Folder redirection

    • Application Virtualization

    Application Layer

    • Application Deployment

    Remote App

    OS Layer

    • Desktop Virtualization


    • Desktop Deployment

    Remote Desktop

    So how should you select an architecture

    So how should you select an architecture

    Client / HW Driven Approach

    Application Driven Approach



    Basic Environment





    Group Policy

    Per Role


    80% Desktops

    >2GB Ram

    80% Desktops

    > 25GB Free


    Regulatory /



    Network >

    10Mb/s to the






    Environment Building Blocks (Profile / Role / Security / Data Management)

    Volume Local




    • Group

    • Policy

    • Corporate

    • Base Image

    • Security

    • Policy

    • Data

    • Syncronisation







    Application Delivery and Requirements


    Public Cloud


    Private Cloud


    App Federated




    Private Cloud



    Centrally Controlled

    Locally Deployed


    Legacy or



    Smart Client




    Require Special

    or Full HW


    Online CRM

    i.e. Remote

    Business App

    i.e. Remote

    Vendor App







    3270 App




    Can the applications

    be delivered via

    Remote Desktop Services


    Access needed

    Local Hosted









    non company


    Contract/ Offshore




    • The deployment landscape is richer than ever with many tools and technologies to help with your deployment

    • Knowing what tools are available and where and when to use them is key to a successful deployment project

    • Alternative deployment options are now available to drive the idea of a user centric desktop instead of a device centric desktop

    For resources decks and video

    For resources, decks and video:

    my blog

    Preparation planning your deployment

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