An introduction to software defined networking
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An Introduction to Software Defined Networking - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An Introduction to Software Defined Networking. Paul Unbehagen Chief Architect Avaya Networking. @ punbehagen. It’s On!. A friendly competition among presenters Help @ punbehagen win Easy to remember name @ randy_cross ? Too forgettable Tweet this session with # AvayaATF and #SDN

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An Introduction to Software Defined Networking

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An Introduction to Software Defined Networking

Paul Unbehagen

Chief Architect

Avaya Networking


It’s On!

  • A friendly competition among presenters

    • Help @punbehagen win

      • Easy to remember name

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  • Tweet this session with #AvayaATF and #SDN

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Software defined networking (SDN) is an approach to building computer networks that separates and abstracts elements of these systems.

— Wikipedia

Technology Evolution

Software-Defined Networking is a work-in-progress…



Which has a long way to go to prove successful

Software-Defined Networking

  • Few, big early adopters, deploying in specific scenarios

    • Google, et al, that are exercising the privilege of their position to experiment

  • No clear consensus for the Enterprise on what SDN will ultimately bring, or why

    • Broad expectation is to deliver ‘network agility’, supporting Cloud-based resource sharing initiatives

  • Ideally, an Enterprise-class solution would deliver

    • Automation; bringing the promise of integration

    • Integration; bringing the promise of agility

    • Agility; bringing the promise of business advantage


What is OpenFlow

  • Offload the management of network elements to a Central Controller.

  • Download forwarding state (FIB) from the controller using special protocol

  • Must provide all the functions of an existing set of networking protocols

    • And do them at sub-second failover

Out of Band Control Plane

Download FIB

Openflow’s objective is to separate the control plane from the dataplane

"The problem is, we actually got it – OpenFlow – wrong, and I think a lot of the industry hasn't realized how wrong it was…”

— Martin Casado

Founder of Nicira, & co-inventor of OpenFlow

OpenFlow networking will require significant changes to your network operations and management. Without a killer app, why change?


What is an SDN?



  • Many historical examples

  • Old idea, reintroduced as something “new”.

  • Powerful, but dangerous

    • E.g. sweetest of honey pots, target for hacking

Early Promoters

Where do you fit into this picture...?

…when it comes to network virtualization in the data center, OpenFlow for control of hardware forwarding is the wrong way to go

— Martin Casado

Founder of Nicira, & co-inventor of OpenFlow

Data Center Automation

Fully realize the possibilities of virtualization…

  • Network has lagged behind the virtualization of compute and storage

  • Direct, automated integration with VM administration tools

  • Seamlessly integrate a holistic virtualization solution

  • Extend with enhanced automation and optimization

SDN will continue to evolveCompeting Solutions available and more appearing

[network programmability] ..are important parts of the overall SDN solution, but it’s not aligned with where buyers are today.

Programmability could be used to improve network management, but it really doesn’t have any impact on the first two options: simplification of architecture and reduction of hardware costs.

- Zeus Kerravala


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