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MASHAV. The Challenge. Assist developing countries to achieve sustainable development, reduce poverty, promote equality and prevent environmental damage.

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The Challenge

  • Assist developing countries to achieve sustainable development, reduce poverty, promote equality and prevent environmental damage

Mashav the beginning

1957 - Golda Meir’s personal commitment to international cooperation led to the creation of Israel’s Center for International Cooperation, MASHAV

1958 - Israel launched one of the world’s first development cooperation programs in Africa

To date, almost 200,000 participants trained in MASHAV courses in Israel and abroad

MASHAV - The Beginning

Mashav s goals

Share Israel’s development experience and tested capabilities

MASHAV’s Goals -

  • Transfer skills and technologies

Build human capacity

Mashav s special capabilities

Assists countries to adapt successful Israeli innovations

Focuses on areas of expertise rather than specific geographical areas

Specializes in smaller-scale pilot activities aimed at bottom-up development

Long-term project management and human capacity building

MASHAV’s Special Capabilities

Mashav s special capabilities1

Long experience in cooperative projects with other development organizations, utilizing respective comparative advantages

Priority to cooperation throughout the Middle East

Israel’s multi-lingual population enables development activity in various languages including English, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic

…MASHAV’s Special Capabilities

How do we do it

How do we do it

Human resource capacity building

through training and projects:


in Israel and abroad

single-country, regional and international courses


agricultural demonstration projects

agribusiness, entrepreneurship and professional advisory service centers

medical facilities

integrated sub regional development...

How do we do it1

Short-term and long-term professional consultancies

R & D activities

Humanitarian aid

mobile “eye camp” for treating preventable blindness

rapid dispatch of emergency medical and other aid in disaster situations

…How do we do it

Inter national partnerships

International Partnerships

Joint projects with other development agencies

Partnerships enable maximization of impact through utilization of different areas of comparative advantage

MASHAV has extensive experience in partnerships with USAID, the Netherlands, DANIDA, FAO, UNDP, WHO, World Bank and many more…


MASHAV at a glance - 2003

  • Trainees in Israel – 2,347 participants in 129 courses and individual programs from 113 countries

  • On-the-spot courses – 6,860 trainees in 132 courses in 41 regions/countries

  • 143 long-term and short-term consultancies abroad

  • 9 Agribusiness Consulting Centers

  • 19 ongoing research programs

Organizational chart

Organizational Chart

Deputy Director General Head of MASHAV

HAIGUD Society for Transfer of Technology

Special Advisors: Agriculture, Education, Healthcare

Evaluation Unit

Coordinator for Middle East





MASHAV Extensions: Aharon Ofri,CINADCO, MCTC

Training Affiliates

Who is involved

Haigud - Society for Transfer of Technology

MASHAV Extensions -

Aharon Ofri International Training Center

Center for International Agricultural Development Cooperation - CINADCO, Ministry of Agriculture

Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Center - MCTC

Training Affiliates

Who is involved?

Keeping in touch

Shalom Clubs - national clubs organize professional and social activities for MASHAV graduates

Shalom Magazine - published in English, Spanish, French, Russian and Arabic, offering news about Israel’s development activities

Keeping in touch

The commitment

MASHAV is committed to the global agenda of sustainable development and poverty reduction in cooperation with local communities, national governments and international organizations

The Commitment



  • Center for International Cooperation

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • State of Israel

Training department

Courses in Israel are conducted in various MASHAV-extensions and affiliates. Courses are offered in a wide range of disciplines

On-the-Spot courses are conducted by MASHAV experts for local participants

Training Department

Mashav s training programs cover a wide range of disciplines

MASHAV’s training programscover a wide range of disciplines:

Agriculture and agribusiness

Irrigation and combating desertification

Community Development

Economic and Social Development



Medicine and Public Health

Rural and Urban Development

Science and Technology

Trainees in israel according to subject in 2003

Trainees in IsraelAccording to Subject in 2003

Trainees in israel according to region in 2003

Trainees in Israel According to Region in 2003


Training Affiliates

  • Agricultural Research Organization - Volcani Center

  • Clalit Health Services

  • Arava Institute for Environmental Studies

  • Galillee College

  • Ben-Gurion University of the Negev - Institute for Agricultural and Applied Biology

  • Hadassah Medical Center

  • Ben-Gurion University - Blaustein Institute for Desert Research


Training Affiliates

  • Israel Meteorological Service

  • Negev Institute for Strategies of Peace and Development(NISPED)

  • Rambam Medical Center

  • Tel Aviv University, Sackler Faculty of Medicine

  • The Hebrew University of Jerusalem,Faculty of Agriculture

  • The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, School of Public Health

  • The Weitz Center for Development Studies

Project department

Agricultural demonstration projects

Agribusiness consulting centers

Water uses and development projects

Medical infrastructure projects

Humanitarian aid, including “eye-camps’’ and emergency medical assistance

Project Department

Project department1

Project Department

Long-Term Consultancies involve MASHAV experts sent at the request of the host country to assist in the design, implementation, management or general assessment of pilot or demonstration projects

  • Short-Term Consultancies are conducted at the request of the host country, with MASHAV experts sent to provide specific advisory services or assistance

Long term consultancies abroad 2003

Long-term Consultancies Abroad 2003

Planning development and external relations department

Planning, Development and External Relations Department

International Agreements - MASHAV has agreements on technical cooperation with various governments and international organizations USAID, UNDP, FAO, UNCTAD, WMO etc.

Publications - Shalom Magazine

Research - MASHAV in conjunction with other donor agencies support trilateral research programs designed to assist the developing world (GIARA, NIRP)

The golda meir mount carmel international training center mctc

The Golda MeirMount Carmel International Training Center (MCTC)

The main goal of the center is to foster international cooperation through training courses mainly for women, designed to increase their involvement in and contribution to the process of development

To date, 9,500 participants from 147 countries have taken part in courses in MCTC...


MCTC main fields of expertise:

Community organization/development of services

Early childhood education

Organization and management of micro-enterprises

MCTC works with various Institutions and organizations:

Ministries of Agriculture, Education, Health, Labor & Welfare

University of Haifa and Technion Institute

Women’s organizations


Cinadco center for international agricultural development cooperation

CINADCO – Center for International Agricultural Development Cooperation

CINADCO operates within the framework of the Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MASHAV)

CINADCO’s operational and professional activities focus on key issues and problems concerning agricultural development facing rural and peri-urban communities …


CINADCO’s main fields of expertise:

Agricultural technologies

Agribusiness for rural and peri-urban development

Food security and maximizing yields

Management of water resources for urban and agricultural uses

Professional support systems

CINADCO’s activities include on-site demonstration projects

CINADCO’s training activities in Israel take place in two centers:

Agricultural Research Organization - Volcani Center

Kibbutz Shefayim

The aharon ofri international training center

The Aharon Ofri Center operates as a MASHAV extension, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education

The Center focuses on educational fields that contribute to regional and human resource development

To date, 3,000 participants have taken part in 160 courses in the Center

The AharonOfri International Training Center


The Ofri Center’s main fields of expertise:

Community education

Educational technology

Science and technology education

The Ofri Center works with various organizations:

UNESCO - Computerization and Communication

BID - Youth Leadership


Usaid mashav partnership in central asia

USAID-MASHAV Partnership in Central Asia

  • Improving governance, livelihood and quality of life in the republics of Central Asia through:

  • Small scale enterprise and trade

  • Building a more democratic culture

  • Better management of water and energy resources

  • Improving primary healthcare

A f r i c a


Combating AIDS, TB and Malaria

Combating desertification

Demonstration projects

Human capacity building

Mashav in the middle east

MASHAV in the Middle East

Building ties of cooperation between the peoples of the region remains a top priority for MASHAV

Among MASHAV’s projects in the Middle East:

Agricultural extension and demonstration projects in Egypt and Jordan

Medical infrastructure and training projects in Jordan

Training seminars for Palestinian participants

Regional agricultural program in the middle east rap

Denmark, Egypt, Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Authority cooperate in RAP

There are five main program components:

Dryland agriculture

Low-cost fodder

Post-harvest and marketing

Saline water

Small ruminants

Gender issues are covered by a special task force on Women in Agriculture

Regional Agricultural Program in the Middle East - RAP

Haigud society for transfer of technology

HAIGUD is a non-governmental organization (NGO) established in 1963 by the government of Israel to serve as an operational branch of MASHAV

HAIGUD - Society for Transfer of Technology

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