Urban integration of informal settlements
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“Urban integration of informal settlements”. Sukth Municipality. Albania Pilot Candidate. General description. Geographical position ; -Appendix to Tirana - Durres highway, -This area nearly 70% of national industrial production -Almost ½ of the Albania population live here

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Urban integration of informal settlements

“Urban integration of informal settlements”

Sukth Municipality. Albania

Pilot Candidate

General description
General description

  • Geographical position ;

    -Appendix to Tirana - Durres highway,

    -This area nearly 70% of national industrial production

    -Almost ½ of the Albania population live here

  • Former state farm

    -With 5902 families growing fruit ,vegetables ,wheat etc.

    -In 20 years time the population doubled, now 24.526 people

    -Total area 5069 ha. Land for construction 50,4 ha

Construction structure
Construction structure

  • What level construction.

    -Self declared ,1467 informal constructions

    -Nearly 40% of the families are of very low income , 35% of medium level and 25% of relatively higher.

  • Place of origin of the people:

    -Nearly 65% from northern part of Albania Dibra Tropoja Kukesi ,Mati etc. Natives nearly 20%, others 15%

  • Land conflicts.

    -Former owners and those favoured by law

    -The process of registration undergoing

Reasons why informal
Reasons why informal

  • People forced to move from poor remote places

  • The government could not respond to the housing demands.

  • The government failed to enforce law and order to stop the phenomena.

  • The government could not offer construction permision according to certain plans

  • People in a hurry to occupy a piece of land as considered without any private owner.

Prone to hazards
Prone to hazards

  • Flooding

    -A river (Erzeni) running close by;

    -Drainage system is out of function

  • Poorly constructed houses

    -Built without construction design project

    -Easily demolished

    ( earthquakes)

Municipality structure
Municipality structure

  • There is an organizational structure of ten offices.Some of the main offices:

    -Territory managment office

    -Finance office, budget 1.5 mil. Euro/per year

    -Tax office; small income ; property tax very low

    -Informal settlement office

    -Legal office

  • Staff ,42 with very little training.

  • Offices poorly equipped


  • Almost without a seweage sistem; only a part of it works normally

  • Main water supply pipe passing through, lack of secondary lines to the houses.

  • An asphalted road runs through , no pavement at all;muddy secondary streets

  • Chaos with the power supply; the secondary network broken.

  • Chaos in telephone lines.


  • Big bussiness

    -20 entrepreneurs, mainly agriculture production

    Leather processing, shoe factory

  • Small bussiness

    -Trade and service shops, total 233

  • Main saurce of income

    -Most of the families engaged on agriculture production

Construction permission problems
Construction permission Problems

  • Land Ownership

    -Two or more owners for the same piece of land

  • Land destination change

    -Construction predominant on agriculture land

  • Insufficient planning capacity

    -Staff not with the right qualification

    -Lack of financial means

    -Absence of the necessary equipment

Education and health service
Education and Health service

  • Two Middle schools

    -Many students in a class

  • Three nine- year schools

    -One and the same road (without sidewalk)for people cars, trucks, buses etc

  • Three kindergardens

    -Poorly furnished

  • Five nursery centers

    -Hospitals in Durres or Tirana

Leisure time
Leisure time

  • No sports activities.

  • No playgrounds.

  • Only school activities

  • Watching Tv programs,.

  • Evenings, in bars and playing billiards

Some figures of low income
Some figures of low income

  • 220 persons classified work invalids

  • 227 families paid by legal medical commisions

  • 50 persons vulnerable

  • 40 persons total blind

  • 58 persons live on municipal social assistance


  • An office established

  • Two specialists employed

  • Files are being processed

  • No informatization

  • Willing to collaborate

Items to improve
Items to improve

  • Legal framework

  • Institutional collaboration

  • Local regional and central relationship

  • Staff qualification

  • Community awareness and responsibility

  • Proper urban plans

Closing words
Closing words

  • Mayor’s words of wellcome:

    “Come to Sukth and enjoy our hospitability. We need a “pilot” to take off our plane and land it to “GTZ airport”.Give us that chance.

    Thank you”