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The war of 1898
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The War of 1898. “That Splendid Little War”. Focus Question. In a short response of 1 to 3 sentences, answer the following question: When, if ever, should the United States get involved in the internal problems of another country?. U.S. History Objectives. After today’s lesson, you will:

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The War of 1898

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The war of 1898

The War of 1898

“That Splendid Little War”

Focus question

Focus Question

  • In a short response of 1 to 3 sentences, answer the following question:

    When, if ever, should the United States get involved in the internal problems of another country?

U s history objectives

U.S. History Objectives

After today’s lesson, you will:

  • Outline the factors bringing the United States into the war with Spain.

  • Discuss and debate the rationale for U.S. entry into the War.

The war of 18981

The War of 1898

  • The War of 1898 was America’s first imperialist war

    • Fought over territories in the Caribbean and Pacific

    • Stress placed on the four main arguments for Imperialism

  • Revolved around matters in Cuba

    • Fought in both Caribbean and Pacific

    • Involved numerous nations

Second cuban war for independence

Second Cuban War for Independence

  • Cuban Rebels rose in revolt in 1895

    • Multiracial force

    • Led by officers from the Ten Years’ War

  • Sought to gain independence for Cuba

    • Spain offered limited autonomy

    • Sent ValerianoWeyler as Military Governor

Role of the yellow press

Role of the Yellow Press

  • Inexpensive, sensationalized newspapers

    • Pioneered by William Randolph Hearst

    • Saw a war as a way to sell papers

  • Focused sympathy for the Cuban

    people in the Cuban War for


Spanish atrocities

Spanish Atrocities

  • Cuban rebels quickly seized the countryside

  • Governor Weyler responded brutally

    • Periodic executions

    • Mass exiles

    • Destroy plantations

Reconcentration camps

Reconcentration Camps

  • Weyler ordered peasants collected into camps

    • Remove support from rebels

    • Keep an eye on suspected rebels

  • Disastrous policy

    • Poor sanitation and medical facilities

    • Lack of food

    • Wiped out 1/3 of Cuba’s rural population

Policy shocked americans

Policy shocked Americans

  • Incredible sympathy for the Cuban people

  • Belief that Spanish were fiendishly cruel



  • U.S. long-term interest in Cuba

  • U.S. business investment in Cuba

  • Public opinion highly sympathetic to the Cubans

  • All that was needed was a spark

The sinking of the maine

The Sinking of the Maine

  • The U.S. battleship Maine exploded in the harbor of Havana on February 15, 1898

  • Public opinion blamed the Spanish for “mining” the Maine

The war of 1898


  • Congress declared War on Spain on April 25, 1898

    • Sought to “secure peace in Cuba”

    • War ends in August 1898

  • Treaty of Paris, 1898

    • Cuba granted independence

    • U.S. gains Puerto Rico and Guam

    • U.S. paid Spain $25 million for the Philippines



  • In a short response of one to two sentences, explain what was the most important thing learned in class today.

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