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Hedda Gabler

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Hedda Gabler. Henrik Ibsen Memorable Quotes. 1828 –1906) a major 19th-century Norwegian playwright , theatre director , and poet. . Who said that?. See if you know who uttered these lines from Hedda Gabler .

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hedda gabler


Henrik Ibsen

Memorable Quotes

1828 –1906) a major

19th-century Norwegian


theatre director,

and poet.

who said that
Who said that?
  • See if you know who uttered these lines from HeddaGabler.
  • Yes, of course—it makes it a little more expensive. But Hedda had to have this trip, Auntie! She really had to. Nothing else would have done.
  • Jürgen Tesman (George)

Oh, it was a little episode with Miss Tesman this morning. She had laid down her bonnet on the chair there and I pretended to think it was the servant\'s.

  • Hedda

Yes, Hedda, and when I made my confessions to you—told you about myself, things that at that time no one else knew! There I would sit and tell you of my escapades—my days and nights of devilment. Oh, Hedda—what was the power in you that forced me to confess these things?

  • Lovborg

So I am in your power, Judge Brack. You have me at your beck and call, from this time forward.

  • Hedda
  • Well, I shall have one thing at least to kill time with in the meanwhile.
  • Hedda

No, no, I daresay not. But suppose now that what people call—in elegant language—a solemn responsibility were to come upon you? [Smiling.] A new responsibility, Mrs.Hedda?

  • Judge Brack

Oh, no, unfortunately. It would be out of the question for us to keep a footman, you know.

  • Tesman (George)
  • Oh, if you could only understand how poor I am. And fate has made you so rich! [Clasps her passionately in her arms.] I think I must burn your hair off after all.
  • Hedda

Oh, one soon makes friends with sick folk; and it\'s such an absolute necessity for me to have some one to live for. Well, heaven be praised, there may soon be something in this house, too, to keep an old aunt busy.

  • Miss Tesman

(Aunt Julie)


Dearest Hedda—believe me—I shall not abuse my advantage.

  • Judge Brack
  • But I won\'t hear of any sort of unfaithfulness! Remember that.
  • Hedda

Oh, why did you not carry out your threat? Why did you not shoot me down?

  • Lovborg
  • And supposing the pistol was not stolen, and the owner is discovered? What then?
  • Judge Brack

I shall never go back to him again.

  • Oh, what a sense of freedom it gives one, this act of EilertLøvborg\'s.
  • Hedda

Good God!--people don\'t do such things.

  • Judge Brack
  • General Gabler\'s daughter! Think of the sort of life she was accustomed to in her father\'s time.
  • Miss Tesman

God bless and preserve HeddaTesman—for George\'s sake.

  • Miss Tesman
  • He said that when they parted, she threatened to shoot him with a pistol.
  • Mrs Elvsted