New right populist parties
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New Right Populist Parties: PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New Right Populist Parties:. New kids on the block. New Right Populist Parties. A family of parties which have cropped up on the right of the political spectrum Different from the old extreme right Not necessarily opposed to liberal democracy

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New Right Populist Parties:

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New right populist parties

New Right Populist Parties:

New kids on the block

New right populist parties1

New Right Populist Parties

  • A family of parties which have cropped up on the right of the political spectrum

  • Different from the old extreme right

  • Not necessarily opposed to liberal democracy

  • Anti-establishment, anti-EU, anti-immigrant – in many respects, anti- parties.

The old right

The old right

Divided between:

  • economically liberal & conservative parties & some Christian Democratic parties


  • Extreme right

    • typically anti-democratic, racist

    • Examples: Fascist parties, monarchist parties in France…

Extreme right

Extreme right:

  • Strong in pre-world war I and interwar periods

  • Miniscule strength in postwar period

    • Authoritarianism discredited

    • Parties marginalized, although some continue

  • Examples:

    • MSI, Italian Social Movement (Fascist)

    • NPD in Germany

    • FN (Front Nationale) in France

Postwar manifestations

Postwar manifestations

  • Poujadism (France, 1956)

    • Flash party;

    • Shopkeepers’ party

    • Protest party

  • Farmers Party (BP) Netherlands, 1960s

  • Progress Party (Denmark),

    • Mogens Glistrup, 1970s

  • Anders Lange Party (Norway)

1980s beyond

1980s & beyond

Resurgent support for older & newer parties:

  • Front Nationale

    • FN wins 10%-15% in presidential elections

    • 2002 Presidential election: Le Pen in runoff.

  • Freedom Party (FPÖ) in Austria – from nothing to ~25% of the popular vote

  • Lega Nord (Northern Leagues) in Italy

  • Danish People’s Party

  • List Pim Fortuyn (LPF) in the Netherlands

  • Freedom Party (PVV) in the Netherlands

Common threads

Common threads:

  • Anti-European Union

  • Anti-immigrant

  • Anti-establishment

  • Populist in style – leader-centred politics, emphasis on leader who can fix things



  • Anti…

  • Often (but not always) prefer more market & less state intervention in economic life

  • But, prefer stronger state administration of justice: stricter law enforcement, harsher penalties.

Attitudes toward liberal democracy

Attitudes toward liberal democracy

  • Few parties overtly anti-democratic

  • If they are, they are unwilling to say so

  • Examples:

    • FPÖ (Austria)

    • FN (France)

Anti establishment


Opposition to established elites

  • Common theme: failure to listen to people like us

  • Finds expression in

    • Use of coarse language (Bossi, Lega Nord)

    • Demagoguery (Le Pen, FN)

    • I can fix that (Pim Fortuyn, LPF), although LPF not necessarily right

Explaining the new right

Explaining the new right:

  • Reaction to cartelization and/or consensus democracy?

  • Mobilization of grievances?

  • Representation of issues or concerns not adequately articulated by other parties?

  • Pathology?

Rise and fall of the lpf

Rise and Fall of the LPF

  • Consensus democracy: the purple coalition (PvdA + D66 + VVD)

  • Livable Netherlands (LN)

  • The rise of the List Pim Fortuyn (LPF)

    • Pim Fortuyn

      • Acerbic critic

      • Unlikely or likely populist?

  • After the assassination

Successes and failures

Successes and failures

  • Electoral breakthrough in several countries, but not always right away, and not necessarily sustained

  • Difficulty in sustaining participation in government

    • Haidar & FPÖ

    • List Pim Fortuyn

  • But, impact on other parties

    • Cf. VVD in Netherlands

General amnesty

General Amnesty

Blanket extension on papers

Until Monday, December 3rd

5:00 p.m.

Final exam

Final exam:

Saturday, December 8th



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