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The Presentation. Objectives. To make the prospect aware of a problem or a need To prove your proposition would solve that problem or meet that need To prove that you and your company are worthy suppliers

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The Presentation

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The presentation

The Presentation



  • To make the prospect aware of a problem or a need

  • To prove your proposition would solve that problem or meet that need

  • To prove that you and your company are worthy suppliers

  • To motivate or persuade the prospect to act promptly to solve the problem or meet that need

Building confidence

Building Confidence

  • Personal behaviour

  • Confidence building techniques

  • The guarantee

  • The use of testimonials

  • Show records

  • Plant tours

  • Demonstrations

The presentation

If you don’t CLEARLY understand and cannot clearly ARTICULATE the difference, you may be LOSING sales to those who can

The sales presentation

The Sales Presentation

  • The memorized presentation

  • The formula presentation

  • The Need-Satisfaction presentation

  • The Problem-Solution presentation

  • The group presentation

Other basic strategies of the presentation

Other basic Strategies of the presentation

  • Selling should not be a battle

  • Keep the interview friendly

  • Controlling the interview

  • Timing

  • Listening

Situational selling strategies

Situational selling strategies

  • Ignore the static

  • Take a strong positive action

  • The challenge

  • Mitigating circumstances

  • Withdrawal

  • Play for time

  • Change the subject

  • Be a ‘whipping’ boy

  • The interrupted interview

Handling objections

Handling objections

Objections are an integral part of the process. It indicates an interest in the presentation. At least they are listening. The dangerous prospect is the one who does not speak at all.

Objections are guideposts to prospect reactions

Objections are guideposts to prospect reactions

  • Usually it is a request for additional information

  • It could be a request for further clarification

  • Don’t try to dodge them. It would only make the prospect suspicious.

  • Do not argue with the prospect

  • Avoid irrelevant objections.

  • It is a good idea to handle the objection the moment they are raised

  • However, not all objections are required to be taken up at once.

  • Never magnify an objection.

  • Objections can be stated, hidden, valid, invalid

Determining hidden objections

Determining hidden objections

  • Asking questions

  • ‘What else is bothering you?’

  • “Honest John’’ technique

  • “Habeas corpus” technique

  • The 4 ‘No’s technique – no need, no want, no money, no hurry

  • Perception - insight

The presentation

If you can identify the proper objection, then you can take steps to overcome it, or move on to the next prospect, instead of wasting time

Therefore, anticipate and forestall objections

Basic methods of handling objections

Basic Methods of handling objections

  • Direct denial

  • Indirect denial

  • Boomerang

  • Compensation

  • Question

  • Pass up

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